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Saturday, June 2, 2012

favourite memories of my 3 dog life, beautiful evening light & this Thursday's library haul of book riches

subtitled - I'm always reading as fast as I can (which I'm afraid is not that fast at all).

I read only at bedtime. A thrilling night for me is when I get myself tucked into the nest early, by 8 or 8:30 pm, and maybe make it through 40 or 50 pages most nights I'm lucky if I read 20 as reading lulls me to sleep so easily. Many of these books will go back unread only to be ordered again, some upon closer scrutiny will be deemed a little "meh" & not reordered. A special thrill this Thursday was this particular edition of Pippi Longstocking (thank you Amy & sweeties) for the reminder. This book is beautifully illustrated by Lauren Child - especially inspiring as I have two young chapter book manuscripts (Norman ;-) on my desk waiting for illustration treatments/sketches.

I've been to the market, done a little food prep and today I am creating & documenting (avec photos) my first article/art magazine assignment for Cloth, Paper, Scissors - Ya Huh !! Shut Up !! Happy Weekend !


  1. I've seen that magazine, can"t wait for your issue.

  2. thanks Shammy
    watcha cookin' ?

  3. I've just finished Bring Up the Bodies. Think I will read Mrs. Kimble next.

  4. I must go look up Bring Up the Bodies Judy, thanks !! xo S + Gang

  5. will search the Barnes + Noble magazine rack, EXCELLENT. tail wags + happy weekend. ~moose

  6. Hey Moose ! That's "if" all goes well. I've been asked to submit the piece and article explaining the process with photos. Spent all day today working on it - way, way harder than it seemed. Fingers crossed - time will tell if it actually makes the editorial cut & runs but you know I'll be sure to keep you posted. Woof & wags right back at ya
    xo S + Gang

  7. I love the wonderful sleepy feeling you get from reading at bedtime ... and feeling so T I R E D ...


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