cats & peonies

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

omg ! handsome Oliver, be still my heart / Flo's pitcher, Blanche's desk (my other grandmother) & palest pink peony / Virgil giving me his love squint (avec catnip pillow) / deep pink magenta peony / 29 Serengeti Street - please excuse dirty windowsills - no housecleaners live here ;-( / a big rest after photoshoot with Megan / bouquet of peonies

I had an official artist portrait taken yesterday by Megan Lewis of Gallery 8. Wow!! & wait til you see the beautiful photo's she took of me in my studio space and in the chocolate brown room. Gorgeous ! so smart of me to hire a professional, no more of those hold your arm out straight, aim and hope for the best self portraits. You-know-who, Hamiver insisted on getting his portrait taken also, chirping and posing not to be ignored or missed by cat lover Megan + after all he is the Creative Empire Headquarters Boss Cat.


  1. Just opened the link you gave and seems to have been hacked!

  2. I wondered about that also. That's terrible.

    try this link ... it's very slow to load but I think that's my internet

  3. nice! and I love her fur babies photos. Looking forward to seeing the promo shots. Tail wags ~moose

  4. Gorgeous cats and flowers dear Susan, a bed is not complete without some cats adorning it.
    It will be great to see your professional photos.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Cats know how to relax ... I get sleepy just looking at them stretched out on Le Bed.

    Hope the rain hasn't done a number on your Peonies.

    Hope you're gonna share the pro shot with us. The link to the site seems OK now.

  6. Love your cats and the flowers of course.


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