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Monday, June 10, 2013

presentation piece Week 1 - bolt fabric - Lilla Roger's amazing e-course Make Art That Sells

coordinate fabrics Week 1 - bolt fabric - Lilla Roger's amazing e-course Make Art That Sells

People buy your joy !
Lilla Rogers

Such an amazing thing to remember ... to focus on creating my own joy ! not to allow yourself to get carried away with comparison, it's so hard sometimes but bring it back, back to your JOY ... my JOY.

It's an amazing, amazing course with almost 500 classmates from 22 countries and tons of extremely intimidating very talented creative, mostly women (interestingly - there are a couple of guys). I had very high expectations and the course is meeting them and far beyond. Lilla Rogers is herself an artist/illustrator, hand drawn type afficiendo (& back in the day when no one was drawing type by hand) turned artist/illustrators rep. Her agency The Lilla Rogers Studio - she reps 38 artists and they produce much of the hippest, coolest, before the trend artwork for some of the hippest, coolest, most coveted companies - Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Chronicle Books, Land of Nod & on & on. To say that she understands this business would be a HUGE understatement and she knows it from both sides (maybe more). This week it's Home Decor (with a guest from Crate & Barrel) and the motif is ... wait for it  ... ta da ta da Floral (sung by my own personal choir of angels). We're Rockin On ! Me & Oliver & Winnie Dixon here at the teak topped desk, we're havin' a Make Art That Sells Party all week ... and next week too.

Each week is a different them/type of product - Week 1 - bolt fabric, Week 2 - home decor. We have a raucous, wonderfully supportive, huge, chatty Facebook class group where we can upload anything, sketches ideas, get feedback & opinions and we have a class Flickr page where we can upload 1 version of the week's specific final assignment and it must be uploaded by Sunday 5p EST (no late uploads allowed) I love this part. I do love a deadline, I need & crave a firm, tight deadline otherwise I'm drifting around in a sea of maybe's & could be's. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments.

Week 1- bolt fabric project's motif suggestion was mushrooms and/or vintage pyrex / retro kitchen cooking.


  1. Susan.... this {all} is totally FANTASTIC, thanks for putting it up! Will you be getting some printed by Spoonflower? LOVE your new logo... would be a great letterpress tag, let's talk. Woof ~moose

  2. thank you YOU !!! sweet one, supporter of me, cheering squad & woof-er too. My web site site should be up shortly (within a week) - hooray.

    How are things coming with your new identity ?

    loads of love, kisses & pats to you & Moose xoxo Susan, Winnie Dixon & Samuel

  3. Oh how I love the fabric designs! Please be sure to let us know if it becomes available! Wonderful stuff you're turning out! xoxoxo

  4. Love, love the vintage pyrex and is that pink grapefruit? Very cool. Sounds like wonderful energy shared on this course, you sound beyond happy!

  5. Thanks for all the pats!! Looking forward to your new site, mine will be right behind you!!! Tail wags

  6. Your fabric designs are wonderful and the Pyrex looks amazing.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. How exciting!
    Love the Pyrex & citrus!
    This seems like a natural extension of your fabulous talents Susan- I'm always thrilled to see the next new thing that comes rolling off your TTD!
    xo, Marie

  8. Ditto ditto ditto. love these designs. Q - would the course be useful or too overwhelming for an amateur?

  9. Oh, I so love these! The course website looks so interesting. I second Hooked on a Feeling's question about it being suitable for amateurs? Are you using software?

  10. Chiara & Alyson good question ? I am using Photoshop, scanning & using InDesign to lay out (my bolt fabric final page). I am a super beginner at Photoshop and can really only use it at this point for it's transparent layering capabilities. This week's Home Decor project is one that definitely leads itself to the use of more traditional mediums (paint, collage, drawing, sketching).

    So yes I think it would be thrilling & interesting to take this course no matter where you are in your skill/experience but remember that you will be overwhelmed. I'm super overwhelmed at least 3x a week and am mostly humbled by the top 25% of the class and the INCREDIBLE talent & skill.

    I think a scanner is essential & Adobe CS# which are the three programs you might use (mainly Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop is available for a 30 day free trial and also available along with everything adobe for a monthly subscription - so you could do the trial then sign on for a month or two to see how you like it. for amazing program tutorials + lots of free tutorials by google & at youtube.

    As you know I LOVE taking e-courses there's always something to learn, some new direction to be exposed to, you just must at times tell your ego to go sit in the corner ;-)

    thanks for the question hope you do come back & see/read it xo Susan

  11. Thanks Susan! You're very inspiring, so I keep checking in here, and I am keen to try the course. Love those roses in your next post.

  12. I want fabric with your designs!!


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