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Monday, June 3, 2013

all three shades of lilac blossoms gathered early this morning by random acts of pruning

A little repeat post this morning (from 2010) as Miss D and I stroll the village along our normal route I've noticed that all our favourite lilac shrubs are at their peak. We do stop often to bury our faces and breath in deeply of their lavender & white headiness but I think there will be no lilac thievery this year. Lilacs really don't like to be cut and all bouquets of any kind are quickly and covertly tipped, spilt (yes it's true !) in this house. The crime scene, a tipped vessel, pools of water beside wilted, dying blooms - Virgil is a very odd cat in many ways but vase (clear or opaque) tipping is at the top of  his long list of quirks. Though I do hear through the cat vine that vase tipping is not an uncommon feline sport ;-)

So instead, this lilac season, I'll give you some of my favourite lilac posts from other years 20122011, 2011 (again), 2009, 2009, 2009, 2009 (wow ! 2009 being an obsessive banner year for both lilac thievery and lilac photography.

With Missy D, my always willing and most excellent accomplice & assistant extraordinaire, my pruning clips stuffed into the zippered pockets of my hooded, basic black, fleece lined wind breaker (along with compostable black poop bags, a handful of dog biscuits and several must have, favourite 3-ply avec lotion tissues - from the Superstore) I did some lilac gathering this early morning. I've been planning this event, my annual random acts of lilac pruning, for a few days now. I've been waiting for the blossoms to be just right. Each season it seems I must acquire a gigantic bouquet of lilacs and I must have all three shades in that one big bouquet.

We have one, sad, very overgrown and too shaded pale purple lilac here within the terracotta gardens - all it's blossoms are up very high, desperately reaching for some sunlight and far too high for me to clip and prune. Hence the lilac thievery. In my defense only the beautiful dark lavender colour came from a private residence, the white and pale lavender are on land that lilac thieves would consider to be practically public. Wink. I'm enamoured not only their incredible beauty but also oh my ... the scent of lilacs.

Lilac polaroids to come.


  1. such beautiful flowers Susan!!!
    can you send me some of those beauties? ;)

    big hugs for you my friend!

  2. They are all beautiful, but the dark one is the most beautiful of all.... My little white lilac shows no signs of blooming at all this year, despite looking healthy; I have no idea why.

  3. I would love to send you a huge bouquet RosaMaria & Rach I too love the dark one, only one exists (that I know of) in this little village, on someone's property - Missy D and I would always snip, clip and run ;-)

    xoxo Susan & les GAng

  4. Our lilacs are not as far along as yours. I too love pressing my face into the blossoms and INHALING DEEPLY.

    I love your shot of the blooms in the glass bottle on the wood table.

  5. Lilacs are intoxicating! bursting out all over here. I just want to stay outdoors all the time.

  6. Gorgeous lilac blossoms and photos and yes the fragrance is intoxicating...I had a lilac tree with pale lavender flowers in the garden where I once lived; I shall have to plant one here.
    My cats have plenty of fresh water but they also do some vase tipping, they like to get amongst the flowers and sniff and take a sip of the water. That is why I have to be careful that any plants I have in the house aren't toxic.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Your lilac photos are stunning! I'm always amazed at just how clear and crisp your photos are.



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