lilla rogers week 2

Saturday, June 15, 2013

my week 2 final assignment - you can only upload one ... fingers (& paws of course) crossed that Lilla will like

As you become more aligned with the truth of who you are, 
the question of liking yourself goes away. It is a natural state of being.

Rachel Andrews

finishing up week 2 of Lilla Roger's fanatastic e-course Make Art That Sells - WOWEE ! sign up !

Oh my goodness. I went up and down and around that roller coaster of creativity for days,  should I do this ? and what if I did this ?& WOW ! her work is so cool maybe I should try that - yikes. I think I posted nearly a dozen attempts at this dinner plate design on our private class Facebook page, trying (as I should) to see a dinner plate, a decorative dinner plate (one maybe sold at ... Anthroplpogie for a perfect example) in as many ways as I could think of in the time allowed. I believe deeply in sketching, I believe the more you draw the better your ideas become. After years (and years) of  reluctance I now LOVE to sketch. This is a lesson which has been a difficult one to final grasp and to put into practice. But grasp it I have. Grasped & embraced it. But all the time I was trying these other ideas, styles & approaches I had in the back of mind, make sure you have time to do one bold, bright, floral, seed collage on a coffee stained page. Oh, and don't forget the neon paint - uh huh ! Because if all else fails Susan dear - just be yourself and see what happens. I'm thrilled with the outcome (and that is the most important thing !). Can a I have a hallelujah ;-0

Here are a couple more attempts at creating dinner plate designs in a way I thought maybe I should. Not to say that I'm not pleased with these ... I am. But I think I'm kinda thrilled with my final choice :-) go figure - it's JOY FULL !


  1. Well, here goes! Hot Damn and HALLELUJAH!

    They are ALL wonderful. I also like (a lot) the combo. They're all the kind of dishes I would buy. You're on al roll, dear.


  2. Love your choice Susan! Actually, they all look fabulous to me. I would also love to have them in square plates too, just a thought. Keep us updated. While volunteering at a workshop I sat in on a Molly Hatch session, check out her Anthropology juice glass:
    good luck and keep us updated on your class. Tail wags ~moose

  3. Hey K & Moose thanks so much for the accolades ;-) (or at least that's what they feel like - lots o' love & support and interest - which I dearly appreciate. This course is SO important to me it's great that you are interested in hearing (& seeing) all about it. This next week is Children's Books - another yippee !!!!

    Thanks for the Molly Hatch link I've added her blog to my blog roll. Love her work. So much talent out there, ya gotta eat your Wheaties to keep the "intimidation" wolves at bay.

    Having an almost vacation day today of planting window boxes, hanging baskets & other flitting 'round the garden. xoxoxo & woof ! Susan + Gang

  4. Dazzling Darling!

    I adore what I am assuming are long raspberries on your two companion pieces - what a great palette! I could see these working well paired with come simple monochromatic pieces as well!

    Or maybe they're not raspberries (no thorns) but how great would that be love to see your treatment of raspberry canes of blackberry brambles!

    You've got a magic touch!

  5. thanks sweet one - have you cut your hair I must pop over to Marie Cameron Studio and check things out. Loads of to you & yours xoxo Susan & les Gang

  6. I love these plate designs. They look very "high end". The one without the gray rim would look pretty on top of a larger one with the gray rim, too.

  7. Not a cut but a clip. I like to put my hair up when I'm working (or holding dead bird). Hugs and kisses to you and les gang as well!

  8. The one with the gray band is you but a more sophisticated you I love your pinks but they always read a bit teen to me. I loving catching up on your blog I've just been being framer brown this year but thinking again on a body of work and trying for a big fish. You inspire, friend. Big love to you


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