collage cat

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2 hours of after dinner collage-a-thin with the collage cat / the dude & creative director supervising the collaging of the world - that Starbucks project - still gives me chills & thrills to say Starbucks / the beginning last night, limited palette, limited supplies & tools, limited dithering / I pick this paper / I love me some kraft cardboard / I couldn't do it without him / mid collaging / Oliver's a very paws-on Creative Director - sigh / nearing the end of my evening

Still, what I want in my life
is to be willing
to be dazzled—
to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even
to float a little
above this difficult world.

Mary Oliver

I'm still trying (I hate using that word trying) to carve out the daily practice of pure intuitive, playful creative time - sketchbook, drawing, painting and/or collage time. It's seeming like the post dinner time few hours is the best time for me, something at the end of my day to look forward to, a ritual to gently pull me through each day.

I've been so very super inspired by Jennifer Orkin-Lewis and her dedication to her own 30 mins a day painting sketchbook. Here's her instagram feed & daily painting posts + she's been featured in the new issue of Uppercase No.22 - check that issue out here  - a gorgeous issue. Congratulations Jen, so well deserved !

+ oh boy ! you can listen to David Sedaris read his books unabridged FREE on youtube 


  1. Love these images. Looks like such a wonderful environment in which to work ...

  2. Susan dear, I love this new design in red, black and white, it is very attractive.
    Also, the images of Oliver, he is a very 'paws on' creative director and such a beautiful cat, I am sure he is a wonderful companion while you are working.
    Love to all, Dianne
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I am hoping Oliver is tending to safety procedures! running with scissors! Woof ~moose

  4. First off - LOVE the photos of Oliver. Especially the one where he his little paw paw is stretched out. Utterly adorable! :)

    I LOVE the quote you put up, specifically this portion:

    "to cast aside the weight of facts
    and maybe even
    to float a little
    above this difficult world."

    This is SO me right now. My journey from the car accident 8 weeks ago is beyond trying and still quite painful. I'm trying to rise above and push through loss, frustration, anger, etc. Thank you for your lovely, open and heartfelt posts...your gentle reminders to be OK with life's difficulties - love you so much. xx

  5. I love hearing what artists you follow on Instagram (what is your id? I am alison573) and what magazines and books you read. And I love Oliver's outstretched arms and the paws-on Creative Director. And I love the reds and blacks, too! AND I just ordered a whole bunch of art cards, so am hoping that will re-jumpstart my penpal practice in 2015. Lots of news in 2014. Will have to catch up...


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