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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

forget-me-nots in luscious light / the view from my favourite chair in our fenced in back yard / my guy Samuel & Miss Winnie D / apple blossoms / our front pathway (I've since trimmed the Linden branches) - see the 29 at the door / oh how I love alliums, need to plant some white to go with these gorgeous purples / the kitchen, laundry room side - my favourite view (love the vines) / Winnie & Sam and another view from my chair / 29 Black street view, Doug's restoring our lovely big sunporch which runs the whole length of the front facing the harbour / I love green / dandelions & drifts of forget-me-nots

The secret of change
is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old,
but on building the new.

We are getting 29 Black Street ready to sell, ideally we'll put this 130+ year old, 2000 square ft, lovingly & restoratively renovated, two storey brick house on the market in the early part of 2015. I know many of you who have been reading this blog awhile are thinking as you read these words Noooo ! How could that be ? How could she ever, ever leave that place ? 

Well I'll tell you, especially this time of year, when the house & gardens all look so spectacular, when our yard is so lush & alive, incredibly private like my own secret garden and absolutely filled with blooms & birds & insects & the greenest greens there are on this earth ... with the ocean only steps away (139 steps to be exact -I counted them) Believe me I wonder also How will I ever leave ? How can I ? What if ... what if I am filled with regret ?

It's one of those situations in life when because you can't really picture your new home and your new life - it's completely terrifying. I try to put it out of my mind, but then my mind remembers that it needs to be on my mind - or it will never happen. I know from experience that some of the best things in my life have happened directly following terrifying. That kind of terrifying (pretty common with me ;-) , is actually a good indication that I'm on the right path. I love this house ! this home more than I could ever put into words but I think I've spoken those thoughts and feelings here on this blog, I know I have, this nearly 7 year old blog (July 13th) Wow ! how can that be ? I know and feel blessed and oh so grateful that as long as this blog exists, my life & love of 29 Black Street will be here to remind me, my net of memories ... perhaps forever.

I've lived in this house by the sea for 21 years, you can see our bustling little harbour from it's huge second floor windows). It's really been the only home that's ever felt like home to me. I love it, this house that's chock full of quirk & character but it overwhelms me - the upkeep of such a large house (which doesn't seem to ever get up-kept) as my creative business and main love grows and flourishes. The maintenance of the yard, a giant double lot, keeps Doug hopping from June to October with mowing and trimming and keeping the jungle contained - somewhat. It really is more home then we need, more home than we want. I also want to live somewhere where there's more going on year round. This tiny village is vibrant and comes alive in the summer (June 'til the end of September). I'd like to live somewhere (Charlottetown or Lunenburg) where there are more options year round + I just need a change. I've always loved the old adage A change is as good as a rest - never being someone who needed much rest, I think change is essential to my being.

I'm ready for this big change, we're ready for this change - we're looking forward to our new tiny life.

Fear not - this blog will continue no matter where we are ! & I will be creating a sell 29 Black Street blog with lots of home selling details/dimensions, photos & more photos etc very, very soon.


  1. Oh Susan dear, that sounds so sad to me, to move away from this beautiful home with all of its memories, the inspiration you derive from the location, the harbour,the privacy, your beautiful garden,your flowers, the spaces that your pets love so much...I could not do it, it would break my heart.
    love and hugs to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. one thing i've learned in life is that for every single thing you give up, there are multitudes of new, exciting things to explore and love. it is just a matter of opening your inner self up to embracing the changes. it will be sad to not see images of 29 black street nearly every day. but, i know in my heart, that the images you will share of your new world will be equally fun and exciting. so, you go girl! spread those wings and fly off to a new nest. i'll be here urging you on and celebrating every wing flap with you. ((hugs)) to all of you from me and zoe!

  3. I agree with you Dianne it is & will be heartbreaking but I also agree whole heartedly with Julie and sometimes the things that break your heart, break you open and do indeed create space for new beautiful & wonderful. I know that you Julie have done just this and at the time you were doing it I'm sure it seemed like the most difficult thing ever & look at you now ;-)

    I have a small list of "must haves" for this new home/life + I am (and have been) preparing myself for this big change for a very long time.

    much love to you both, xoxo Susan & gang

  4. This is exciting! Although I even feel 'at home' with the pictures you share of your home and the stories woven through it, a new adventure awaits you and Doug along with the gang.

    You have mentioned this move before in the past so I see you are acclimating us and yourself to what the future will hold.

    Best to you and the gang,
    Kitty USA

  5. Both choices in a future location are grand ones ... we have lived in our 100+ year old home 23 years and can feel your pain, but know life will be good, down that new road......with all paws in tow.
    Tail wags ~moose

  6. Hey Denise & Moose - the thing I keep reminding myself is that this decision is a choice we are making & we can change our minds ... but I don't think we want to. This move has been in the works a long time now. Remember our grand Grand Manan plan ? wink

    This time of year it's so breathtakingly beautiful here & nature has exploded with her usual spectacular display & I think to myself How could I ever leave here ?

    Thankfully nature lives everywhere xo S + gang

  7. Susan dear friend, I do wish you all the very best with your plans to move and yes I know there will be many more new experiences to enrich your life, Doug's and Les Gang.
    I look forward to a happier you and posts from your new location, wherever you are will be a wonderful and loving home.
    Love, Dianne xoxoxo ♡


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