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Thursday, June 19, 2014

crab apple / apple blossom / not sure about this one / phlox / pale blue lobelia / not sure / allium / crab apple / quince

Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life, and a significant element of happiness. If we have habits that work for us, we're much more likely to be happy, healthy, productive and creative. Gretchen Rubin 

How to do everything : subtitled getting shit done !

& I'm talking about all the stuff, the good, the bad, the ugly, the rewarding, the healthy & of course the fun. I've been pondering, as I love to ponder, that ever growing list of items that always lives on my to-do want to-do lists.

Pondering & wondering if maybe I have too much stuff on my list, maybe I need to pare things down, desire less ... aim for less, do less. Or maybe I need to try and embrace quality rather than quantity and/or variety. But after much pondering, trust me on this one - it has been pondered, I've decided I really want to do everything*, in fact no doubt I'll be adding a few new things I want to do by next week. That's just who I am, it's how I want to live my life.

I like to do lots of things, I crave variety & diversity. I'm good at a lot of things and the few things I really suck at am not good at (housecleaning would be top of that fairly short list, followed by things like downhill skiing and accounting/book keeping) I've decided I'm OK with not doing at all or continuing to muddle through the best I can until the glorious day (chorus of angels singing here) when I can afford to employ someone to do the things that I'm not good at, that don't get done.

The things I put off indefinitely in my life, the to-do's that never get done are always the things I'm not good at, the things I do not have a burning desire to get good at. and I'm sensible enough to realize, finally, thankfully, that I cannot be good at everything. I'm still working on the guilt part of not being good at things like housecleaning because isn't that something we women are supposed to be genetically pre-disposed to be good at ?- a myth & a big one, but that's a whole other rant story.

I found myself at Gretchen Rubin's wonderful website yesterday quite by accident, but now I'm convinced it was no accident it was Madam Universe up to her usually tricks yet again. Coming upon Gretchen's new video series about habits and her soon to be released new book Before & After at the height of all this getting shit done pondering thrilled me beyond belief, made me feel so hopeful that I emailed her instantly to thank her.

My current favourite in this habit formation series is the Strategy of Scheduling - LOVE - seriously !

We don't make ourselves more creative and productive by copying other people's habits; we must know our own nature and what habits serve us best Gretchen Rubin

* read this fascinating post by Gretchen called Are You More Drawn to Simplicity or to Abundance


  1. Your "not sure about this one" is mock orange. It is not an orange but makes flowers that smell like orange tree flowers. It is one of my favorites. I have a huge mock orange shrub in the garden outside my living room, so at this time of year, I can open the two windows, one on each side, and let its beautiful, light, sweet citrus fragrance into the house. It is also immediately below my second-floor bedroom window, the one nearest the bed, so I can smell it at night.

  2. Sounds dreamy John ... I do know the scent of mock orange & it is lovely - this time of year - WOW !!

  3. Beautiful blossoms dear Susan and the mock orange (Philadelphus) does have a lovely sweet citrus fragrance. I put some blossoms in a bowl on the table not knowing it is poisonous to cats. Unfortunately Lily my cat decided to drink some of the water from the bowl, she went into respiratory distress and kidney failure. Thankfully our vet was able to save her, with adrenaline injections and kidney dialysis and a couple of days in intensive care. A close call and such a distressing time worrying about her outcome and survival, now I am very careful with the flowers I bring into the house.
    Wise words from Gretchen Rubin.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. oh my goodness Dianne I (we) are so happy to hear that your sweet Lily recovered - I had no idea that "mock orange" is poisonous to cats and each summer I bring in a few sprays because of it's intoxicating scent. Virgil loves to chew on plants - I will not be bringing any in this year - thank you for this heads up story. Itsy Bitsy sends her love - omgoodness she has SO much personality - it's really quite incredible.

    A package is on it's way to you from Betty she hopes you receive it soon. Loads of love, sweet friend xoxo Susan + gang.

  5. Thank you Susan, it is really frightening to read the list of plants that are poisonous to pets. Lilies are the worst and my cats love the fragrance of flowers. After that awful experience especially for Lily as she was so ill and close to death I am very careful about the flowers I bring into the house. There are lists of plants that are toxic to cats on the internet.
    Please give my love to Itsy Bitsy Betty and thank you I will certainly let you know when the package arrives, it could take some time to arrive down here.
    love to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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