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Saturday, August 23, 2014

meadow grass gone to seed / queen anne's lace also - the wanna be botanist stirs in me / on the crescent beach my poplars to the left beyond the stone sea wall / seaweed composition No.21 / a rough & churned up (reddish) ocean / another path leading away from the beach / seaweed composition No.22 (from high above) / we call this eel grass / another of my favourite view from the grassy hill at Thinker's Lodge / hey big periwinkle !

You will be fine.
Just you wait and see.

found on Pinterest - which I can't imagine living without, we heart Pinterest big time !!

Things have been unsettlingly slow & quiet here at the TTD* left to my own devices with a tres neatly penned list of a zillion, trillion self directed projects (creative & otherwise) that could, should, might be done - everything from beginning the BIG come on let's downsize declutter, pitch, donate & get rid of half at least of the stuff I own getting ready for the big impending late spring (maybe early spring) move to who knows where - surprisingly little productivity has been happening.

Dragsters, nothing causes me to get the down on myself blues like a lack of getting' stuff done. It's a clear cut case of procrastination combined with an extreme bout of indecisive dithering, or at least that's the excuse I'm giving myself. Even though my passionate heart tells me I wish I had time to create (with wild, courageous abandon) lots & lots of new self directed art/illustrations, but whenever I get a big, fat block of time when just that could/should happen I find myself dreaming & fantasying that one of my fabulous existing customers or maybe even someone brand new would email me out of the blue with something that would tie me to my desk, to Photoshop and a deadline. Sigh.

This plight ... is not mine alone, thank goodness.

Here's what's on the list for today a few things already accomplished

- walking with my girlfriend Winnie √
- walking (exercise) crescent beach laps ;-)
- errands (farmer's market, library, grocery store) √
- cut a big bouquet of orangeness & yellow from my cutting garden (stay tuned for photos) √
- clean out parts of veggie garden that are done (peas, green beans etc)
- dinner prep (cook new potatoes, chicken marinade for bbq, yellow & green beans) √
- walk to the park and hang with Deb & Bella (Winnie & Sam's best dog friend) 30 mins √
- tidy my office & desk √
- 60 minute sketchbook drawing
- 2 more days of access to Kelly Rae's e-course Mixed Media Mantras (soak that up big time)
- work on 2 new 9x12 mixed media pieces whilst soaking up all that video inspiration & instruction


  1. Great photos dear Susan, I love the beauty, shape and texture of grasses, dried seed pods still hanging onto the plant, there is a feeling of expectation and new life in those waiting seeds.
    De-cluttering before a move is one of the most difficult exercises if you are sentimental, a hoarder or a procrastinator like me. According to the ticks on your list you have done well today.
    Love, Dianne :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. And this is a slow day for you? Seems to me you've done a lot already! I have been wondering if you have days off. It sometimes seems you work every single day.

  3. Very insightful comment dear John - the only way I really can or want to relish "a day off" is if I'm away from both the TTD* and 29 Black Street - if I'm here I just fall into that "must be productive in some way mentality" when Miss D leaves for Heaven the first stop on my road trip is NYC and we should get together & chat about all of this "stuff" face to face (would love also to meet up with Marie & Beence & meeting Storbie would be a thrill hard to put into words) - I really look forward to travelling once again. Had a fantastic phone chat with Ande Cook from Chickory today and we made a plan to meet also in NYC (nest May Surtex show) - I have made such incredible, cherished friends through this blogging thing - & you John are one of those cherished few - xoxoxo much love Susan + gang

    TTD * teak topped desk


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