edge of darkness

Friday, April 13, 2012

stormy grey skies avec crows from my early morning Friday walk with Miss Winn

I always live on the edge of darkness
it's where beauty often shines the brightest

and speaking of Elton John when I was a young teenager me & my gang of girls knew every word to every song from every album - we were fans. It's a toss up between these two favs. Happy Friday !


  1. Oh this is the mood I'm in, when you say edge of darkness, all I can think about is the movie Poltergeist and Carol Ann and going to the light.

    Man, I'm glad it's Friday.

  2. Hey Sham I did add a pic of she and I from a few years later than the portrait of her. xox S& GAng

  3. Enjoyed seeing the young Susan and the young Elton John!
    I enjoyed Elton's music also but could have done without B-B-Benny and the Jets!
    Oh well, one out of so many aint bad is it!
    Have a great weekend Susan.xx

  4. We sure did know all the words. You let me borrow a few of those albums that summer we were 16...so much changed that summer........I was so glad to be able to share that time with you.

  5. me too Patti!! xoxo Susan

    it's so cool you're still in my life after all these years

  6. .. and without darkness how would we recognize the day... without evil, the good.. without sadness, happiness.


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