hand of the queen

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oliver - hand of the Queen (moi) here at terracotta gardens & the kingdoms of 29 Black Street

I am most definitely hooked on the new-ish HBO medieval fantasy drama Game of Thrones - hooked big time ! HBO famously runs marathons of it's most popular series (back to back episodes) especially when a new season is about to begin. The Prince taped all 10 episodes of Season 1 during this latest marathon event - hooray ! I loved it & can't get enough of it - it's theme music trumpeting in my head, I've ordered the Season 1 DVD set from the library so I can watch it again, I've ordered the audio book (oh boy!) - and we're (oliver too) now watching Season 2 on HBO Sunday evenings.

Mr. Mr. Handsome & tres Athletic loves his new title Hand of the Queen & it suits him so. My constant companion, trusted counsel, design & photography advisor /assistant & always, my great protector.


  1. Not just photography advisor but glorious subject -- pun intended.

  2. And such a VERY handsome assistant he is!

  3. stopping by from creative courage...these photos reached out and grabbed me as I have recently lost my dear orange tabby companion. what a handsome fellow your lad is!


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