Tuesday, April 3, 2012

 les funk
a drag at the very least

the Monday after a week of madness, good madness, a big juicy illustration project + getting ready for the blog changeover & new web site (which I promise is arriving at any second now & you will be the first to know). Switching gears from one project to another. Not feelin 'it. Not finding my groove, easily.

It's a funkalicious situation. The solution. Keep going. Head down. Ignore it as best I can. Reminding myself that the last irritating spell of nojo was followed by an even longer spell of crazy, good, mad, great mojo-ness. Les funk, les nojo seemingly all a part of the creative process - if ya don't go down ya can't come up. From now on I'll try patiently to ride through these funkdoms, while looking out for my lost mojo ... surely just up ahead 'round the next bend.

At the end of this post a wee, poorly made, video I found in les archives of me & my best girl Missy Winnie D on the crescent beach. I'm not sure which is sweeter - herself or the sound of my voice speaking to her - that's pure love speaking that &amp another sure cure for the funks - some snail mail especially pink packages filled with thoughtful goodness all tied up with pink neon ribbon (uh huh !!!!) merci Andee (a proper thank you to follow)

Missy D from susan black on Vimeo.


  1. Oh Yay!
    So happy it arrived...I am never sure...

    xo to you all...

  2. She is so beautiful!
    Your voice is so sweet...

  3. Hard to be in a funk when there's a loving dog around.

  4. I love that video of Winnie with you speaking to her! Your voice is angelic, to match her face! I loved hearing you for the very first time! And I never tire of looking at her, over and over and over! Never lose this video! It is a TREASURE!!!


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