white spider

Saturday, April 14, 2012

hello sweet white spider living high atop your castle of white phlox blossoms ... hello

A favourite repeat favourite post from August 2010  Bonjour sweet pure white spider !

I was beyond thrilled to discover this small white spider while prowling around in the tangled front gardens of 29 Black Street. I actually noticed him first while posting yesterdays series of photos - if you check back, you'll find him in the third photo* from the bottom. Later I went outside, camera in tow, looking for him and sure enough there he sat basking in the sunshine at the very top of the huge clump of scented white phlox that grows at the edge of our driveway. Unfortunately my presence alarmed him and he scurried quite quickly for cover ... I will return and I'm hoping that in the ways of Gerald Durrell (another hero of mine) this spider will become acquainted with me and allow me to take a much finer portrait of he or she.

Thinking of spiders, and August seems to be the best month for observing spiders, reminded me as well of Henri Fabre and I rushed to my own library of insect books and grabbed this beautifully illustrated book (cover below). He also wrote a real page turner The Life of the Spider, a more fascinating & complex creature you'll be hard pressed to find ... trust me.

Oh my ... I so could have been an entomologist.

Seek those who find your road agreeable,
your personality and mind stimulating,
your philosophy acceptable, and your experiences helpful.
Let those who do not, seek their own kind.

Jean Henri Fabre


  1. Lovely little spider... beautiful discovery... I wonder if this is the same type that dwells in my rugosa bushes in the summer.. I am always trying to sneak up on them to spot them before they see me and quickly hide under the rosy petals.

  2. Husband and I had a wonderful golden orb spider in our garden for a long time. We watched several successions of babies and found the spider quite beautiful. Eventually we added a few little sparkles to her web, some brightly coloured threads and that little spot in the garden became a very happy spot to be.
    We were disappointed when one day she disappeard and the web disintegrated -observing her gave us a new appreciation rather than the unecessary squash, sweep, or spray approach so quickly taken by many.
    Enjoyed your post and sweet photos Susan. - and the quote - very apt.


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