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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Les funk continues. This post from Kelly Rae Roberts read early this morning made me feel a little better. She is a mentor to me in many ways, but especially as an extremely successful creative entrepreneur. She's continually been very open & honest about the ongoing day to day struggles (both practical & emotional) while building a self sustaining creative business. There are goods & bads. Ups & downs. Highs & lows. It's a bumpy, at times overwhelming, road I'm on. Sometimes I feel sure of where I'm going, other times I feel I haven't a clue. Sometimes I absolutely thrive on all the challenges, other times I feel ready to throw in the towel, give in, give up & wave my white flag. But you know I won't, I know I won't ... let's try to keep calm & carry on

seaweed / Miss D L-O-V-E / hayfield with love / love in the front passenger's seat / bathroom reno with Flo's mirror


  1. Would ya look at that bathroom?!?! Contractors bathroom next?

  2. I love, love your bathroom sink!!

  3. -) that would be the contractors powder room - former home of the chainsaw & whipper snipper ;-)

    Sara that's our old sink (I like it too - especially it's front corners), lovely oak (painted puffball white now) cupboard (below)from MLou's old kitchen & the several hundred year old mirror that once hung in my grandmother Flo's upstairs hallway when I was a little girl.

  4. I adore that photo of Miss Dee in the car. It speaks volumes that look.

  5. hey, we have a sink just like that! found it one snowy 'big garbage day' a couple of years ago, and it's going in our bathroom once i ever get the renos underway!
    xo n

    ps: the new look is growing on me. still miss the colour, but....

  6. me too Shammy !! LOVE her so

  7. I'm here.

    Just checking in.


  8. Susan your rennovations are so exciting. I remember the days when you were contemplating selling No.29 - thank goodness that did not eventuate.
    Your photo of the dry hayfield gives me itchy fingers to soak those grasses and weave a fine basket.
    Keep going through that funk - your results are always outstanding!


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