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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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I appreciate the comments & the votes regarding my blog change/new look. I realize that no one's going to say "hate it" but I do suspect that some of you may feel that way. I know it's a big change, or it likely seems like a big change but in actual fact I have been pondering this change for a long time, it's all a part of a constant & unending de-cluttering of my life. It honestly feels to me like a big breath of relief. Please don't forget there is a web site ... any moment now

Michael*  & I finished all the changeover links, try this, try that, what about this ? what about that ? Sunday. It took nearly 3 hours (and who knows how many hours he spent on his own time, without me recoding, designing, shifting & worrying about not screwing up - or losing everything). Sunday near dinner time, when we were nearly finished I had the much-too-late thought. Oh maybe I should have just started a new blog. Long time bloggers do that all the time, ready for a big change in their existing blog they post a final post on the old blog Hey ! come find me here at my new blog (with a link). Then we'd always have had both. The old & the new. I thought of this idea much too late. It's done.

The past & future. July 13th it will be 5 years of nearly every single day blogging. 1,738 posts.
The words are still here. All my photos are still here. I'm still here ... just different

oops - looks like les "haters" delurk. It's OK ... honest. But please tell me what you hate ? Would love to know why people miss the old blog. What specifically  do you miss that maybe I can bring back in a new & fresher way. Thanks ;-)

*soon to be interviewed by me here on this blog in a new blog series !

omg - & speakin' of funk n. - an all time favourite Earth, Wind & Fire
looks like we have a funkness winner - merci John - omg those flares (coverin' the shoes) - sigh



  1. I like the new you...it's the same but different. A perfect paradox.

  2. I love the clean look...
    {heh. Of course...}
    When your current post features photos I feel it does a disservice to your artwork...
    Today, for example, I love how your current post has a collage and it isn't fighting with any other images/colours...
    I think that someone new coming wouldn't get your "colourful" {interesting, warm, talented} self if they came on a "grey" photo day...Being from Atlantic Canada we certainly get enough of those!
    I hope you understand what I mean. I think they may move on before looking deeper.
    I liked the turquoise on your previous incarnation too.

    I like them both! Both have good points and bad but I think this current look makes you feel better. You feeling good = better art for me! {and everyone else of course...}
    Ugh. Should have emailed you...

    xo to you all.

  3. Oh dear...
    Seeing it posted I really should have emailed you!

  4. THIS is what i wanted to send to you yesterday, but our email was out!


    a FUNK (the good kind of funk!) classic: Tower of Power's "So Very Hard to Go".

    you're going to love this! xo n

    ps: send it along to mlou!

  5. Hey, not to worry at all about long comments. I do have a website launching any moment that hopefully will be where most new people head first (the blog a category choice on that main site). There is one image on that page & it pretty much always will be artwork(not photos). Perhaps when the site is finally live the new blog look will make more sense ??

    I love the look & am nothing but happy. I wish my labels were better edited & I wish had my links & love (blog roll page) completed but ... overall I'm thrilled with it. That said I'm interested very much to hear the opinions of those who visit here ;-)

    hey n. how about some Earth, Wind & Fire huh ??? right back at ya -


  6. watch out, missy, or i'll be bustin' out the George Clinton on you! just sayin'...

  7. Okay, now that we're tossing around Earth, Wind & Fire videos, Susan and I being aficionados of that genre since the time those songs were new, do yourself a favor and check out the Soul Train Line with "Mighty Mighty" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R_lhP3J1eQ.

  8. You are the most amazing designer... I know I said it before, but I am saying it again... cause it's true.. I may even have to say it several more times too cause it will still be true then too. I know it!

    I am sure with talent like yours whatever you do will be wonderful, good and the right thing.

  9. Hi Susan! I do like the new blog-look, very sleek and fresh, minimalist, BUT, what I miss is the sort of cluttered homieness of your old blog. It's a bit like country cottage vs. modern architecture, I appreciate both, but one is more inviting and relaxed.

  10. I've voted Susan - I love it! That you-tube you've featured with the funky dance moves makes me want to break out into some kind of interpretive dance mode - can imagine the "must you??" look on the cat's face. Perhaps I'll face the wall.

  11. I LOVE Earth Wind and Fire!! No matter the "style" of your blog; I always enjoy the content.

  12. Breathe, breathe.

    What an exciting, up and down time.

    What you need is a warm spring day in the garden. Oh wait ... maybe that's what I need. ;-)


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