a wintry sky

Sunday, November 25, 2012

this morning at the end of Water Street where the sea begins - a wintry sky out in the strait & heading our way.

After a balmy, mild, wet day yesterday followed by an evening so foggy it felt eery, today winter it seems has finally arrived. The temperatures have dipped below zero, on our walk this early morning I bundled up in fleece and down, mitts and headband & a scarf pulled around my face. Currently there's a fire crackling in the living room, there's leftover pea/lentil soup for lunch, I've got plans for the big lasagna making affair this afternoon (such a lot of work lasagna is - but the rewards at the end worthwhile & pretty darn tasty). Assembling Lil' Art Cards by the zillion the only other thing on this Sunday's list.


  1. Soup, lasagne, and a fire in the fireplace--you're ready if the storm does roll in.

  2. The kids, dog, and I are on our way. Expect us for dinner.

  3. Love your cards... and Miss Winnie.

    She has such character ...

  4. As ever when I see your little village, I so want to come and visit! Maybe some day......

  5. Wonderful photos of the sea, sky, owls and Miss Winnie.
    xoxoxo ♡


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