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Saturday, November 24, 2012

early morning walks with my best gal Miss Winnie Dixon always a favourite part of my everyday

more recent everyday favourites

listening to - David Sedaris read his book When You Are Engulfed in Flames while I work (a borrowed audio book from our village library). Davis Sedaris is very funny in that dry, often gross but hilarious kinda way. Never again will I read a David Sedaris book it's so much better to have him read it to me.

bedtime reading - alternating between 2 books 1 fiction Seating Arrangements very good thus far and 1 non-fiction The Worry Solution, uh huh ! yet another self help book, yet another worry/anxiety relief book, this one's very good, very helpful self help & hey ! look there's a Worry Solution web site. Just finished another fiction - The Round House (excellent) and non-fiction Christopher Hitchin's tiny last book of essays Mortality (also excellent I want to read more written by him). omg reading ... sigh, it's like valium to me.

taking a break - every afternoon at 3pm and drinking tea brewed in my little brown betty -  a new 29 Black Street blend - 1 bag of orange pekoe currently Morse's brand + 1 tea bag of chocolate mint (uh Huh !) President's Choice brand. This new ritual has been so carved in stone over the last few weeks that the mere taste of tea makes me feel relaxed, like I'm unwinding. Break time - it's a good thing.

madly - ticking off all my etsy shop, calendar madness, freelance jobs, retail shop holiday orders & getting prepared for my table at the village Christmas Farmer's Market event Dec 08th (9am at the High School in case you're nearby).

scheming & planning - all the things I'd like to get accomplished the remaining 6 weeks of this year. It's been such a banner year here at Creative Empire HeadQuarters - so much good stuff has happened, launching me full tilt into 2013 - but I want to be ready - super ready !

& cooking - I'm making vegetarian pea/lentil soup later today & a noodle free (zucchini/eggplant noodles instead) big ol' cheesy vegetarian lasagna tomorrow. Recipes & photos to follow ;-) It's raining but lovely & mild here this Saturday. Hooray !

happy weekend to all.


  1. Photo #2: You have red squirrels? I have one in my backyard trees, they're nuts. Chase off the larger grey squirrels, very territorial, hyperactive, aggressive.

    I have started a tea at 3 ritual, inspired by your good habit. It is helpful, no matter what else is happening, to have a requirement that I do this for me no matter what.

    Almost finished with A Fine Balance, expecting an unpleasant ending--we will see. Will update goodreads when done with it.

  2. Hi John, Yes red squirrels & chipmunks but no grey squirrels here in our village - I think they're sweet but many people call them "rats with tails".

    The tea ritual is a good one - I find myself each day looking forward to it, and it motivates me to rock steady, keep working until that 3pm imaginary chime goes off ;-)

    A Fine Balance is definitely in my top 5 best loved books ever - I can't wait for your review. I've read nearly everything Rohinton's written (except a newly published little book called The Scream) - another book in that top 5 you may want to add to your list is Timothy Finley's - Not Wanted On the Voyage - a remarkable retelling of the Noah's Ark story - tragic, very sad but brilliant. We have such a lot of great writers here in Canada.

    Happy Saturday to you xo Susan + gang.

    I see your off to visit with Storbie (lucky you, lucky him)

  3. Trey wants me to tell you that he thinks Miss Winnie is "very hot" ! Hey, don't look at me -- the dog told me to write that.

  4. Hi Sybil !! She is HOT especially for her senior years. She amazes me ... ps. Winnie says to tell Trey he's quite handsome also & she wonders if he & Wendy are a serious item ?

  5. Oh my god!! I LOVE your blog! The photos the tea, Miss D, the scenery your share, AND know I find out we love the same authors!! Yay!! Canadian lit.

    From a missing-Canada Canadian in Japan (Alison Miyake)

  6. Oh for goodness' sakes. I was so excited that I spelled everything wrong. :-) My Mom is from the East Coast and since I was the youngest, sometimes just she and I would get to go home. I have so many wonderful memories of there, and it seems to have gotten into my blood. I need to appreciate the world around me more. ESPECIALLY when I am missing home so much at this time of year, I guess...

  7. MarieCameronStudio.comNovember 27, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    Love the frosted dandelion like flower!


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