Sunday, November 4, 2012

the brilliant flaming yellow of the fall leaves of my favourite tree - the majestic poplar

Do you have a favourite tree ?

Another day of collage a go-go here at the TTD, while listening to David Sedaris When You are Engulfed in Flames I'm always getting David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs mixed up - they're both very funny in that rather dark, quirky, kinda sick way - I have this new book by Augusten by my bed - hilarious ! Both the audio CD and the book borrowed from my library. Thank you library !


  1. Beech, definitely. Then beech, then beech again, then oak and birch. preferably all in an ancient woodland!

  2. I know what that crow is yelling about. He's saying "Hey, what's all the fuss about beech trees? Everyone knows horse chestnuts are the coolest tree ever!". xo n

  3. I tend not to "mark" trees!! Here in Colorado we LOVE Aspen! Tail wags to all. ~moose

  4. A garden tree, not a forest tree: Cercis canadensis, aka Eastern Redbud. More for the leaves than its spring flowers.

    Second place, Magnolia soulangeana, saucer magnolia.

  5. Hello fellow tree lovers - I confess I had to google beech tree, I'm thinking it's not a common tree 'round these parts, at least not here in this little village because I was unable to picture what a Beech looked like. My love of poplars is twofold - one they are the biggest, tallest, grandest tree around here and the sound of their leaves in a breeze has to be one of the most beautiful sounds I know. They rattle & rustle in a way other tree leaves do not. The other reason I love them so, is people (around here again) love to chop them down, they refer to them as popples (?) and I've never met a man with a chainsaw (except Doug & Lauchie) who wouldn't jump as the chance to fell one of these giants. We've lost (to chainsaws) more than a dozen gorgeous, giant poplars in this village since I've lived here & it's heartbreaking. I love them because they're an underdog tree.

    We have an Ash in our front yard that I'm partial to also - but really I love lots of /ALL trees including many/most garden varieties (John though your selections are both lovely - I think you're cheating just a bit). I've always wanted an Eastern Redbud (off to google where I might acquire one now). 29 Black Street, a double size lot is by far the most treed lot in the village & hooray for that. Happy Sunday.


  6. I think birches Susan. They're far more common here than where I lived in Ontario, as they are sensitive to pollution.

    Domestic tree ? Sunburst locust. I planted one when my mom died. Then I moved. Guess I need to plant one here too !

  7. I vote for my neighbour's giant tamarack which is growing alongside my driveway. We hang birdfeeders in it all year long. It's roots are making whoops in my asphalt, but I don't care. I love watching the green needles turn golden in the fall and in the spring I wait to see the first little fuzz of green when the needles return. Right now my car, yard, and dog are covered with rust coloured needles. Love it anyway.


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