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Thursday, November 1, 2012

from a recent early morning crescent beach stroll with my best girl Dee

So, I'll see you in another life now baby, 
I'll free you in my dreams 
But when I reach across the galaxy 
I will miss your company

Ricki Lee Jones - Company

when I look at that top photo tears well up in my eyes because it makes me think about what I'll miss most about Winnie Dixon when that time comes - our walks together, especially our everyday, rain or shine, early morning explorations. Oh my, she & I have traveled together side by side, far & wide, over hill & dale, beach & field, golf course & sand bar, through forest and meadows and along this village's streets. Always a patient companion she seems to enjoy our stops along the way to peer into tide pools, take photos of sea weed, puddles and/or flowers or to just stop to sit on a big rock at the beach and ponder life - our big, beautiful, long life. What I will miss most about my dear, sweet Missy D is her company.

I love her madly.

& not to worry she's very fine but she is a senior girl & it's hard sometimes not to think what my life will be like without her


  1. I can't imagine... I'm just 3 1/2 years into my Starter Dog, Goldie, and I can't yet imagine her being older or fading away. She's the one who is always here, ya know?

  2. We just rescued a senior dog (11) and we know heartbreak may come within a few years but we wanted to give some truly great years as she has had a difficult life thus far.

    And then there is our younger dog, the 3 year old gal, of course we cannot imagine our life without her.

    After a long walk, or when we're at the dog park socializing--to see the 11 year old break into a slow trot- well it melts my heart. She did not have any outdoor exploring in her previous life and she LOVES it! Then there are the special treats and long naps, when they curl up together. I often wonder if they're happy. And I think they are.

    It is the least we can do for them, given what we get in return. I'm pretty sure we're on the same page about that.

    (and i love that photo of Miss Winnie's legs--great perspective)

  3. Really, I know I sound like a broken record, but thanks once again, for your beautiful photographs. I look forward to them everyday.

  4. I think it's why I think about it so much, daily - somehow thinking I can prepare myself for that huge hole she'll leave in my life and my routine. I cherish every single minute I have with her nearly 14 year old self (her birthday is in Jan.).

    Winnie, though only a year old when I adopted her had a terrible start in life also & still will not let anyone, even Doug, pat her or touch her willingly. She was never socialized with people - the bond that you end up having with these "special needs" dogs is undescribable. I whisper to Winnie often "you loved me that first day didn't you ?" she wanted a home, to trust and to love someone so badly. With her it just happens that her love is for one person only & I'm so lucky I'm that person.

    J. I think it's fantastic that you've rescued a senior - so amazing for that dog as well as your younger dog. They are pack animals & they learn so much from each other. I'm quite sure that if & when that time comes again for me to consider adoption I'd also love to adopt a senior. Once you've had the experience of loving an older dog (Em was 15, Jake 13, Winn's pushing 14) there's really nothing better or more fulfilling. I'm also so fortunate that Winn's been such a healthy dog, she's still very much full of beans.

    Much love to both of you J. & MS + your dogs from Winnie & me (& les Gang too of course)

    + Anon - it is my pleasure and I'm so happy that you look forward to them xos

  5. Some people and pets are just meant to be together, and become more than just companions. By the way Winnie pines for you when you are away, it's clear she feels the same way about you as you feel about her.

    I know that anxiety anticipating a beloved pet's death. I became so attached to my orange cat Winnie, short for Winston, that I began to dread losing him when he was only three years old and as healthy as could be. Eventually I realized we had a long future together in front of us, and my dread was in the way. He did pass away two summers ago, at the ripe old age of 18-and-a-half. Left a big hole. Outliving a special pet means the pet's life is full of love and the person's life has a moment of overwhelming headache. It takes time to overcome that loss, just as it would losing a friend, the difficulty showing how close the relationship was.

  6. Moose says.... we don't even go there! It is heart breaking to loss our best friends ... our last retriever, Bailey lived a great 15 year life ... but her owners {us} had the hardest time for 3 years missing her ... until the Mooseboy came along.
    Always Tail Wags ~ all of us :-)

  7. John thank you for telling me (us) the story of you & your orange cat Winnie-Winston. True confessions such as yours truly make me feel good about the world - so thank you.

    Here's another heart wrenching tale of big love and a rescued Hong Kong alley rat named Mr. T - that also makes me feel good about the world.


  8. I feel this way about my dogs too.


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