Saturday, November 3, 2012

hydrangeas from the front garden of 29 Black Street

It's owls, owls, owls here at the teak topped desk* this weekend - look for my new 2013  Lil' Owl calendar for sale early next week - I'm also working on a custom Christmas card illustration, a big fantastic typographic collage project with my UK illustration rep Em from the PaintBox & another just in - freelance illustration job with a former design collaborator - oh boy !!

things are hoppin' this weekend, here at the TTD*


  1. That's such a good busy ... so glad.

  2. go you!! Im stuck in video editing land. but those hydrangeas! arent they lovely? xo

  3. I just read the story of Mr. T the rat. first, I totally know that you loved that story and second, thank you. I just read it to my husband. we laughed at the part about leaving a one inch thick instruction manual on his care in their absence. hmmmm reminds us of somebodies...


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