lil' owls 2013

Friday, November 9, 2012

2013 Lil' Collage Owl 6 x 9 Wall Calendar - Susan Black -  available here

{on SALE now

 BUY 2  // GET 1 FREE (all calendars) until Nov 23rd


  1. A perfect gift for my friend back in Ontario who allows the local university to trap and identify AND release, owls on her farm.

  2. Hello, Susan. I highly doubt that you remember me, but I used to keep a journal here on Blogger (frequently changing my blog URL, but for the longest time, it was 'Chasing Vulpecula'). I started blogging when I was about thirteen - oh my - and '29 Black Street' was one of the blogs that inspired me to do so. Five years down the road, I revisit this place and it still exudes a sense of warmth.

  3. Of course I remember you Georgie - you live (or lived then) in one of my most favourite places I've ever visited). I loved your wise (for 13) & beautiful blog then & am happy to see you reappear - much love Susan & les Gang

    I wil visit you again.


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