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Monday, April 15, 2013

Remember this from the beginning of 2012* my mission statement for life ... I'm always aiming for this 

I suppose it may seem a bit intense to some, but let's not kid around ... I am intense ;-)

It's not only a bit intense but it's setting the bar pretty darn high for how I want to feel, how I want to approach life. But that's OK too, I like my bar high. Doug's always teasing me saying my approach to life is one of constant bold & persistent experimentation. I consider that quite a compliment because really, that's how I want to live my life and that's how I'd like someone to see me. Brave. Always trying & not giving up just because one way didn't work, or feel right or turn out the way I had hoped and expected. I don't want to be afraid of anything. I don't want little things (or big things) too disappoint me for long. I want to get back up in that saddle and carry on. Today (it's now 3:30 my time) I had big plans, big to-dos. I always do and I'm realizing at this point in the day that I've failed miserably at both of today's work related plans. I had planned to create 2 new illustrations, self promo pieces. I thought I'd try something new - just painting, watercolour only, no black line crutch, no collage crutch - just paint and paper & Boo ! I don't like either one. I will be trashing both and starting fresh. Oh well ... & I mean it. Seriously.

I have plans for this evening and it's time to prepare dinner. So it was in many ways a failed day in my books, though I did take one absolute sweetie female cat to the vet to be spayed early this morning, I'm about to walk Miss D in sunshine, then I'll make a potato scallop for tonight's dinner ... I'm carrying on with some fearless wonder & a lil' heartfelt joy here at 29 Black Street.

I can't say the words "carry on" without thinking about this anthem of hope by Fun - a favourite of mine.

* part of the amazing KellyRae Roberts & Beth Nicolls Hello Soul, Hello Business e-course


  1. Yay for you , Susan! You're having the sweet little cat spayed! Good for you.

  2. Time to readjust your idea of failure. I think you spent the day learning.

    "Failure was not something that sapped her energy and vitality, but something that provided her with an opportunity to learn, develop and adapt."

    "I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."

    Matthew Syed – Bounce

    You just spent another day on the road to excellence. Reward your effort with some praise. You did good.

  3. I am having a hard time with the idea of you throwing your work away!! Layers, giving it a rest, highlighting the things you liked at first, would any of that work?

    This post made me think about the one and only canvas I have ever painted. I am not an artist, not even good at drawing... I really liked the outline of the bird that I drew first... but then I added too much and it got all busy and stopped even looking like a bird. Then the friend I was painting with brought out some silver paint and I outlined the bird and painted some frills on its wings, and I could like it again. That's a pretty good lesson for a first attempt at Art. That sometimes you can wait through the funky, yucky bits and end up with something good.

    That's only 2 yen worth of advice (can I dare to call it advice from a beginner to a pro?) from me. Alison ;-)

  4. You are such a good person dear Susan, so kind of you to have that sweet little cat spayed, I am guessing that it is Miss Mew.
    You will save her from a lot of misery and many kittens which would almost certainly become strays.
    Good luck with your new paintings, I admire you for never giving up.

    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Tomorrow is another day ... enjoy it.

    You're OK. Just don't over-think stuff.

    You have such talent.


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