sweet tea

Saturday, April 6, 2013

my beloved teak topped desk, my 2 cup brown betty, a new giclee order to count & some sweet tea

sweet tea, sweet tea, sweet tea, sweet tea, sweet tea ... sweetie

It's just 3pm and already I feel like I've had a good day. A great day. I've gone on 2 walks (with dogs), had breakfast, battled 6 neglected village Tom cats (three of which I had never seen before today) as they tried repeatedly to gang rape an adorable, petite, black & white, unspayed female Doug & call Miss Mew (she has a "home" in quotations nearby) but is thrown out to the lions at all hours (especially when she is in heat) and in all weather conditions and we suspect fed only very sporadically. So we feed her & she hangs around Chez Susan's ... today her boyfriends ALL arrived to hang with her. Well there will be no gang raping on my watch Buckos, armed with a spray bottle of water, dialed to maximum distance & maximum squirting strength, a whole lot of stomping my feet & yelling Git ! said like only a good Maritime girl can yell Git ! Git ! Git ! I mean it ! & don't come back !! Sigh. Then I came back inside and made Paula Deen's Pot Roast (for the first time - it sound's delicious) threw that into the oven (it cooks in a cast iron covered casserole for 3.5 hours), and made a potato scallop to go with & it sits awaiting it's oven time, did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, fed the birds and now here I sit at the TTD with Oliver (of course), Winnie snoring in her bed at my feet with a big fat mug of steaming sweet tea. Orange Pekoe, lots of milk with a bit of sweet. Heaven.

Now I'm about to do my giclee print inventory, counting basically - sounds simple enough, but for some reason it's a job I detest and one I liken to ... hmmm say some sort of difficult trigonometry or algebra problem, or I know like one of those weird & dazzling (at least they've always dazzled me non Mensa girl) If the 6 houses on Blank Street were all painted a different colour and each house has 3 trees which 2 houses have dogs ? Ya huh ! That's how I feel about inventory, ordering giclee prints, stocking my etsy shop, yada yada yada. I'll stop here before the full force whining begins.

I've had a really good day so far ... my plan is to continue the goodness ;-) seriously ! happy Saturday
Look for lots & lots of NEW things dans my Etsy shop tomorrow !!

sweet tea, sweet tea, sweet tea, sweet tea, sweet tea ... sweetie


  1. Hmmm, maybe you've had enough tea for the day!

    Let me know how that pot roast recipe turns out. Had your Thai shrimp and vegetable soup last night. 'Twas delish!

  2. Poor 'Miss Mew', thank goodness you protected her...a shame her owners don't take better care of her.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I'm glad you are looking out for Miss Mew. I would be tempted to have her spayed myself.

  4. Such productive days always feel great, don't they ? Good for you. And thanks for protecting that poor cat. She'll no doubt have babies and what of them ? Stupid, stupid owners. Go soap their windows for me.

  5. I have looked into getting both Miss Mew and a female friend spayed - we call her Fluffy (a gorgeous petite long haired black, cross eyed, super friendly gal) both from the same building nearby (both in the same sad situation constantly in heat and followed by a huge gang of motley, beat up, thrown away or neglected Toms). Sigh. The shelter will help foot the bill for the 2 of them, the vet's would board them during their recovery and then I would release them so they can go back to their homes.

    When I feel angry I do think "stupid people" but really it's poor people. In our area by the time you left the vet's office (after they's convinced you of an assortment of other dire treatments, shots, potions etc - the bill would likely be around 200. per female cat. Do poor people not deserve to have pets also ??
    That's what I think when I'm not angry and wanting to at the very least soap their windows.


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