what goes down ...

Friday, April 5, 2013

the good big brother Oliver (& Virg) / miniature old growth forest / cold / old beautiful poplar / lunch / the crescent beach - nearly ice free / Cavallini moths / for lichen lovers / more miniature forests & great big love

Struggle is proof that you haven't been conquered, 
that you refuse to surrender, 
that victory is still possible, and that you're growing.

down, up, down ... up again

What goes down ... does eventually always bounce back up again. Thankfully. Phew ! And often up in a furious burst of enthusiastic creativity & optimism. So much so that one ponders the natural place and order of "the down" in the big scheme of life/things. If  only I could remember all this when I am mired in "the down" but that never seems to happen . If I could remember that "the down" is most often temporary, fleeting sometimes (days at most usually) and that it somehow magically fuels "the up" and when I feel that exceleration back up again ... well then I remember and am grateful, I am grateful for "the down". The down, who no question, can suck so much life and time and hope from me but if it leads to "the up" then Hey " who am I to try and chase her away. I'me beginning to believe once again the need to cultivate a special relationship with her. Let her hang out, watch TV with us ... but maybe not talk to her too much.

Remember this rumi/nation


  1. Lovely images dear Susan, it is good to see some spring grasses emerging from the snow.
    I am still waiting for the 'up', I hope it comes soon, I will never give up hope as if I did I would have nothing at all.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Oh, I so love every single thing about this post!! Yes, I know the down. And I agree, you can let her sit beside you and watch tv, but probably best not to start a conversation...
    I am building up some momentum to start a blog. (It seems I have to ruminate about these things for months before I actually get started...) YOU are my inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing this today!
    Alison (in rainy Japan)

  3. Looking at that 1st photo would make anyone feel UP !!! Love it. Tail wags


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