my inner ninja

Sunday, April 28, 2013

daphne / Miss Winnie Dixon on the boardwalk / poplar blossoms / the boys in Virgil's penthouse pad / crocus / Missy D & lovely early morning shadows / more polar blossoms / little spring bluebells / handsome Oliver & Virg in the background / lichen on the most magnificent old poplar tree / pale apricot rose

Hey yo I’ve been high and I’ve been real low
I’ve been beaten and broken but I heal though
So many ups and down
Ruffed up and clown
We all got problems but we deal oh

I’m trying to do better now
Find my inner peace
Learn my art form and find my inner chi
When my backs on the wall I don’t freeze up
Now I find my inner strength and I re-up

I read the rules before I, broke ‘em
I broke the chains before they choked me out
And I pay close attention
When I learn the code
I learn to read the map before I hit the road

Nobody’s going to see me coming
Nobody’s going to hear a sound
No matter how hard they tryin’
No stoppin’ me since I found

My inner ninja
My inner ninja

fantastically positive, upbeat, chair dancin' song  from Canadian duo Classified & David Myles - I can't get out of my head ;-) 


  1. Gorgeous photos dear Susan, it is good to see the sun shining there for you.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Love those massive catkins and of course ... "Inner Ninja" !


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