Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Winnie and me / our beautiful little harbour / best desk companion / sandwich with collage-arama / I don't think you can see me / lichen love / dear Virgil / crow / brave intuitive painting by sweet Bee *

*my friend & explorer pal sweet Bee moved to British Columbia (the other side of Canada) I miss her so much but I'm hoping she & I will become big time snail mail pals ! + her grandmother still lives here so future visits are a sure thing. I love her.


  1. so sad that sweet bee has moved away. i know you made a big impact on her and she will always remember the fun and creative times you spent together.

  2. I love the kitty on top of the radiator. Such a sweet face.

  3. Great sandwich! Yum! Love the kitty shots. So sorry to hear that you friend has moved away.

  4. Oh my, we hope little bee visits often....one can never spend too much time away from Nova Scotia. Snail mail will have a special place for you both! Tail wags + radiator love.

  5. I want to be the kitty sleeping on the radiator; he looks so cozy :)

  6. Wow - sorry to hear Bee moved. And to BC! I was looking forward to her and Leslie meeting someday....

    oh well - hope she likes snail mail as much as you do!

    xo n

  7. Watch out! Oliver is trying to cast a spell on you with his goo-goo eyes!

    BC is beautiful, I've heard, but Bee will miss NS and, of course, you. Hopes she writes and visits lots.

  8. wow! the blue in the harbour - just amazing!! and little kitty looks like he has a cold keeping warm on the radiator next to the tissues...

  9. When I moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia, I set up weekly get-togethers with my friend Sandy.

    We play on-line double solitaire at Solitaire.com and chat on the phone.


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