ease it is

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

this gorgeous, tres typographic, wee (11x5.75) hooked rug arrived in the mail yesterday from Allyson

I'm high on believin' ... ease it is

A reminder, in an oh so clever graphic designer-ish way*, to not give up on my one lil' word for 2013 ease. We, les gang and I (especially les cat gang), well actually it's just Oliver & I can't decide if it should be my new mouse pad (it works really well), my tea time lay my head down & soak up the (hard e zed) ease nap mat or Oliver's posing rug. Regardless we are thrilled and touched with the sweetness that often arrives here in the comments and at the post office.

Also including my fav colour pink and new favourite ease-y colour green. Ahhhhhhh ....
Merci ! Allyson Marcolini from Hooked on a Feeling (ooga chakka ;-) such a great name for her blog

how about some lil' bit cheesy ;-) afternoon chair dancin' ? OK arms in the air, swivel, swivel, all together now ...


  1. Love it! It is really special. I vote for an Oliver posing mat, but you have so many fun options + I am sure we will be seeing it on future posts...happy dance. Tail wags ~moose

  2. I vote for a place to rest your head for an afternoon nap, so you can absorb all that ease-iness through your skin and slumbery breathing. What a wonderful gift!

  3. :-) We (the Dude) & I have decided to share the usage with all 3 ideas. It was/is a lovely, very thoughtful + clever gift. I love the way she binds the edges of her rugs and miraculously the rug is exactly the same (only mirror text) on the other/back side -wow ! no loose ends or crazy threads - beautifully crafted. xos

  4. Oliver's posing rug ... though I think all those uses would be grand.

  5. Wink to you Sybil. Just what Mister Big (his new nick name around here) needs a new posing spot. He's convinced that the low hanging lights over our kitchen island table are spotlights for him, as well as the under cabinet countertop lighting. Let's not forget my covered desktop printer/stage (he's posing now)... on & on. He's still bugging me for a youtube channel - he wants a parkour-ing video or 2

  6. glad you like it! life has been insane the last week so i'm just seeing this post now; I need some 'ease' myself! ;)


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