9 moments

Monday, July 22, 2013

9 moments from recent days.

It's been a busy month July has and the busy continues on really until the end of August with lots of exciting new projects on the go soon to be revealed. I'm looking forward to quieter times come September when I enter my businesses third third ;-) I know many businesses work in quarters but this year it's working out better for me to consider the year divided into thirds. I like the sound of my third third. We're off today to the nearby town for one of our big provisions shops - a necessary evil I like getting the shopping done but I hate the drive there & back, 30-45 minutes in a car hurtling ;-) along at 80kms (actually I make Doug drive 10 kms under the max speed limit of 90kms although most people shoot along by us at 110kms - sad face), it's not a highway per say so the road is lined with homes & small farms, homes that often have cats and dogs that, could, might, maybe be near the road. Somehow I always feel it's my duty to be scanning with my intense high frequency oh oh radar. Be careful, be careful. Sighing. I've been doin' some wrestling with this Fear demon of mine ... more on that later.


  1. Fear wells up in me every time I have to travel to the larger town near me. Traffic is horrible. There are speeders galore and bad reckless drivers everywhere. I have a terrible fear of getting into an accident. I always say a prayer every time I have to get in the car to go!!! Give me the less traveled country roads anytime!

    Great photos!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects being revealed. You're always inspiring to us. :) And I had to chuckle at your convo with the speeds, with the little frownie faces, etc inserted. haha :) However, I do get your perspective on the animals near the road and wish more peeps were conscientious as well.

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xx

  3. Don't drive in Ontario whatever you do. Much slower and forgiving here. Where to you drive to do your shopping ? Truro ?

  4. Hi Galestorm I always say a few prayers too ... one to protect the gang I'm leaving at home (no fires please etc...), one to protect us driving in our car and another to protect any animals that may be near the road we're travelling on. I'm a;ways very relieved when we make it back home safe & sound. We go about every 3 weeks or so.

    Thanks Sweet Pea ! so happy you are doing SO well !! much love from all of us Susan + Gang

    Hiya Sybil, actually no we head toward New Brunswick to Amherst Atlantic Superstore & President's Choice stuff & dare I say Walmart ;-)


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