strawberries n' cream

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I used to be a big fan of the short cake (or biscuit) with my berries & cream but now I love them straight up.

I have been tied to my desk for the last many days working on a big deadline with 6 new artworks - 3 designs, each design created in both a horizontal and vertical format for MagnetWorks AND I've been assembling them in Photoshop (there's that chorus of angels singing). I still do my hand cut and painted collage bits, then scan them, close crop them (or create a clipping path) and layer and fuss and tweak and scale and rotate and change the colour and on and on ... all in Photoshop. I'm loving it because although it's way more time consuming (way more options and choices) I am gradually creating an amazing archive of my very own clip art images and typography plus it is virtually impossible to make a mistake because everything is so fixable. Collaging the old fashioned way - once something was glued down or a brush stroke gone awry ... I don't hold my breath anymore while working because there's no need to, working this way is so much less stressful because you have so much more control. It's a big ol' Hallelujah ! & so much better for my customer at their end also because they have a layered file that they can tweak and shape for various products. It's all good.

I love strawberries 

I've kept myself occupied while at my desk these past 4 days & nights by listening (and the occasional watching of) back to back episodes (3 seasons worth) of the Rachel Zoe Project. I die ! LOVE her & her wacky, opulent, fashionista, Hollywood life.


  1. Your work and creativity all sounds exciting dear Susan, even though you have a deadline to meet.
    The strawberries and cream look delicious.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I'm not very familiar with Rachel Zoe. She reminds me of Betsey Johnson in the 60s.

  3. Don't know Rachel Zoe. The strawberries look yummy ...

    Have I told you lately that YOU ROCK !

  4. thanks sweet Dianne

    Judy if you're at all interested in that glam fashion stylist life - it's fascinating

    & Sybil thank you
    I so needed to hear that !


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