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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oliver & strawberries / the crescent beach / hydrangea & Miss Winnie D / ohmy love Jake / a field of wild daisies / we heart salads / poppy / that darn Miss Betty / impatience / Miss Mew another of our newly spayed sweeties / these lavender bells grow everywhere here at 29 Black Street / welcome committee / twinned elm across the street from us / not sure, rudbeckia maybe ?  / Mr. not-nearly-so-photogenic (as Oliver*) and Miss Betty bully - Virgil / lupins

Memory is the diary we carry with us
Oscar Wilde

July 13th 2007 - I began this diary 6 years ago today with a photo of Winnie Dixon and her handsome brother Jake taken on the beach at Pugwash Point. I called this blog 29 Black Street on what now seems a very prescient & continually delightful whim - my name is Susan Black and I've lived (for just past 20 years) in this beautiful old brick house overlooking the sea in my tiny village in Nova Scotia for my street address to be 29 Black Street has always seemed a beautiful & perfect fate.

I wish I felt more able to write my feelings & thoughts here on this blog, like I used to. I poured my heart out here often, especially when I felt like I was sinking and I was barely afloat much of those early years. Many of you who still visit would send me your love, comfort & support buoying me back up again with your comments. I've made friends from all over the world and very good friends. & I am so very proud of this blog, I cherish it really ... something that began 6 years ago without any real conscious intent, over 2000 posts near daily for many of those years, has become indescribably important to me, it has shown me the person I am, the person I hadn't a clue that I was and what a wonderful gift that has been and will continue to be. And then oh my ... the photos, the loves, the beauty, the ache, the change and growth and all the glorious memories of a life, of my life captured here for safekeeping. I am so very grateful for this place.

I plan to continue on, possibly a little more sporadic in my posting, with less focus on words perhaps and more focus on photography but who knows. Who knows anything for absolute sure. I think you'll agree this life of mine these past 6 years has taken many unexpected, marvellous & dramatically lovely turns.

Happy Birthday blog. I love you & thank you !

Nothing is ever lost to us as long as we remember it
Lucy Maude Montgomery - The Story Girl

* not that he ever tries nearly as hard as Hamiver does ;-)


  1. Happy birthday to your blog! Visiting here is one of my favourite daily activities. Thank you for sharing so much of your truly wonderful life.

  2. Mine, too! And I think your photos are getting better and more glorious everyday. I am loving that you are included a pet companion in almost every one of them. The photo of Jake's photo looks 3D!! and took my breath away. I love the one of Miss Betty following you, too. The flowers, the light, the beauty of that part of the world that you live in. I am so glad that you share it with us! Happy Birthday blog! (Mine is in a bit of a hibernation. Must get back at it!)

  3. I love your walks around your lovely town and appreciate being able to walk with you.

  4. Beautiful images dear Susan, I love seeing your world of flowers, cats and dogs, thank you for sharing them with us.
    Happy Anniversary and many more!
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Happy Blog Birthday! I love visiting your inspirational blog and am always sure of a feline, canine or floral fix too!

  6. It's been a wonderful journey Susan - long may it continue. Happy birthday to your blog - I remember my first visit so many years ago and thinking what a wonderful person/house/animals and above all the sense of honesty and 'shy big-heartedness' that always shone through your posts. It seems clear to me that you certainly have a family that loves you at 29 Black Street! - and I enjoy the photos of your walks.

  7. Bon anniversaire 29 Black Street!!! What a gift it has been to you.

    Miss Betty just cracks me up. There is something about that cat.

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Every time I visit your blog I want to pack my bags and visit your lovely village. Your photos are always breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you never tire of sending us glimpses of life on 29 Black Street. Miss Betty sure has a lot personality. She seems to be Miss Independent. She is so cute following you along on your walks. I think she hit the mother lode when she found you!

    You probably have been asked and posted before, but I am curious as to what kind of camera you are using for your photos.

  9. Your blog was one of the first ones I found when I first discovered blogs. I have been here all these years, sharing your doubts and hopes and triumphs. I love seeing your "gang" and sharing our mutual love of our animals. You inspire me with your art and photography, and your sharing of thoughts and feelings.

  10. Happy Birthday Blog!! I love coming here. I'm grateful that you've made this such an open and beautiful and rich space. Thank you!


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