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Monday, July 15, 2013

Oliver (helping make the bed) / little zinnias / Winnie on our morning walk along the harbour's edge / 'tis the season / in the park / I'm not keen on her following us / my assistant helping with the current collage-a-thon project for MagnetWorks / zucchini blossom / gorgeous paper wasp in our garden / grasses along the beach / Betty is such a lil' lover / devil's paintbrush on the crescent beach / someone loves the camera also ;-)

Above all, life for a photographer 
cannot be one of indifference.
Robert Frank

Thank you for all the lovely blog birthday wishes and many from those long time friends I spoke of Judy in the US (is it Kentucky or Illinois ?), Pam & Dianne in far away Australia, Blue Heron in Ontario, MLou partner in crime through much of this adventure ... and newer friends too who visit us (& comment) often. Galestorm asked about my camera so I thought I would answer that question in a post devoted to - my beloved camera, with it's heavy duty over the shoulder strap (a must) that has my camera sit comfortably on my hip as I go about my explorations (most often with Miss D in tow & lately much to my chagrin Miss Betty who obviously does not understand the command STAY).

My camera is a very affordable Canon G12, what I would describe as a deluxe point & shoot. I love photography and I did toy with and ponder greatly the idea of having a camera with interchangeable lens ... in the end I knew my habits are such that I just wouldn't want to be fussing with changing lens. I didn't want to worry about damage, dust & dirt. I wanted a grab & go camera, one that could take nearly macro shots and beautiful photographs. I definitely made the right decision. It's sturdy, the lens when not in use collapses into the camera protecting it - so perfect for someone clunkin' it around the way I do. I love it.

As far as the how I take my photographs I'll direct you to my failed brief attempt at a photography blog the passionate observer where I do discuss and divulge pretty much all of my secrets, tips and techniques in 4 easy posts ;-) I do take a lot of photos ! today I uploaded 242 (a few days worth) of those 242 photographs there might be a dozen true gems ... maybe 20 tops and I've come to expect that. It's the secret that many photographers will agree with especially those exploring the type of reportage documentary photography that is my passion. Most often II'm not sure what exactly I've captured in my travels until I upload my photos to iPhoto. There's almost always a lovely surprise or 2.

I hope this is helpful. Also just like anything in life the more you do it, the better you get, the more refined your eye becomes and the better you get at sensing the potential everyday beauty & wonder that's lurking all around us ... all the time.

Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, 
every hundredth of a second
Marc Riboud


  1. Lovely images as always Susan.

  2. thanks you ! xos
    kisses to Trey & Wendy from Winnie D & Samuel

  3. It does an excellent job and you have mastered it. I am still working with one and I have a Canon with the interchangeable lens. It really is a pain and I am still learning! Thanks and as usual an informative post with lovely photos!!

  4. I think I am in love with Miss Betty, what a little doll she is. Her personality just shines out of your photos.

  5. Hey sister!
    I've been chuckling at the past few posts chronicling your new walking companion. Our two cats, Tree and Flower (guess who named them!) used to come with us every morning when I walked Conrad down to the fish plant at the end of the road and back. The neighbours all got the greatest kick out of it, and some would honk and wave on their way by, prompting the road-wary (-ish!) cats to leap into the ditch.
    Glad your latest addition to the family seems to be fitting in. Will she come in for the winter, do you think?
    xo n

  6. I admire your way of looking at the world - as a photographer, artist, and philosopher - so much. Thank you for a glimpse into the photography side.

  7. Your photos are beautiful. Of course I especially love the cats. I'm going to look into that camera. I'm ready for a better one, but I don't want to fuss either.

  8. Beautiful photos as always dear Susan, I love your cats, Winnie, your world of colours and textures.
    You find the most wonderful subjects to photograph, the 'devil's paintbrush at Crescent beach' is just one of many that I find beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡


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