Sunday, July 7, 2013

these are the amazing (or at least Oliver & I think so) portraits that sweet as can be Meagan Lewis took for us !

oh Boy ! how thrilling is it to have a photo of yourself that you actually like ? THRILLING ! that actually looks like someone who knew what they were doing it took those photos. My business has reached the point where I'm beginning to be asked frequently to submit and artist's bio and portrait, I am so happy to have a photo that I feel so great about - I think she really captured my personality and a little bit of the colourful atmosphere found here at our bustling Creative Empire. Oliver as Boss(y) Cat of CEHQ* is over the moon at the serious & professional yet super approachable demeanour (of his) which Meagan so perfectly captured and that last shot of me ? well ... I think if you are someone who knows me personally you have seen that look on my face. I'm so happy with these portraits - thank you again Meagan at Gallery 8 Amherst, NS.

oh ! & ps today is my birthday and how about my new sassy short hair do ? I LOVE it ;-)

* Creative Empire Head Quarters


  1. Happy Birthday, Susan. You and my mother are celebrating today. Just made a 3 berry cheesecake and I'll have an extra slice just for you! Wishing you a fabulous and successful year ahead.

    Love that 2nd portrait, you look charming and a bit mischievious. And of course, Oliver is as handsome as ever.

  2. thank you Blue Heron - xoxo Susan

  3. Oh my, truly stunning photos INDEED of you + little Oliver too. We wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and so many wonderful adventures in the year ahead for you + the gang.
    tail wags and eat some cake for all of Us! ~moose

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your photos are great and I love your do! I wish I was brave enough to go short. Mine has been long forever! Oliver looks like he owns the place! Eat cake! (Calories don't count on your BD!)

  5. Happy Birthday, girl! Those photos are fantastic.

  6. Happy Birthday Susan!
    Love the photos and congratulations on having to need them for promo work - you worked very hard to get there.
    Love the short do, very becoming.
    Hope your day is special.
    Kitty, USA

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a gorgeous day. Love all the colours and art in your portraits, too. And I love the short hair. You have wonderful curls! :-)

  8. New "do", wonderful portrait, Happy Birthday YOU.

  9. Happy Birthday! Great photos, and it looks like Boss Oliver approves too.

  10. Ha! Left the birthday wishes on the previous post, so I get to say it again, right?

    Happy, happy birthday to you!!!

  11. Happy Birthday dear Susan, have a great year. Yes I do love the portraits, Oliver looks so handsome and you look so pretty and feminine with such a cheeky smile.
    xoxoxo ♡


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