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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

my favourite dog Oliver / daphne in bloom outside the kitchen window / on the crescent beach again / my geranium love / afternoon tea in a favourite mug / my constant companion, my constant comfort Oliver again on the pillow topped printer / Virgil has the best sleep poses / stems & roots in water (for Rachel) / daphne stems in a vase / oh my, that project 

Do Your Best

This was the phrase growing up in my house. It was the motto that started to stand for everything. As I've gotten older, I realize it sort of goes hand in hand with "you win some, you lose some." It's a reminder that things are not always going to work out. You're not always going to get that "A" or make the team or hit a homerun. And you cannot control that. But you can control how much effort you put in. You can "do your best." I love a simple message that holds a lot of weight and has the power to stick with you. Elise Blaha Cripe - from her Make29 April product launch

I've lost sight over the past year. Misplaced it, put my sight in that special place for safekeeping and then promptly forgot where I put it. Things have been so very busy here at the teak stopped desk really since the end of summer last year – a just when I feel like one big thing is winding down another big thing arrives, a kind of non stop, rushing, not enough hours in the week kind of busy – I've been meaning to find my sight again. My I've lost sight, I better try and find it again has been top of my to-do list day after day ... but it always seems to get bumped.

Lately Madam Universe (of course devil that she is) has been forcing the issue, upping the ante to such a staggering height that I've had no choice but to find my sight - to gain some perspective - my own perspective. Why am I doing this thing that I do ? How do I want to feel ? Am I feeling those feelings ? and if I'm not feeling them ? what's up with that ? and what changes can I make in my creative life so that I feel more of what I want to feel ? This paragraph from Elise's April Make 29 project's product "do your best" was another gentle bonk on the head from Madam Universe.

To try, to do my best and to not worry or care have my personal self worth wrapped up in or have expectations about the outcome. Just keep on doing my best


  1. So true dear Susan, we can only strive to do our best and hope we can achieve our goals in life.
    The photos are so lovely, your geranium never fails to look beautiful, the daphne is so pretty and I love the photos of Oliver and Virgil, cats have the most wonderful poses when they are asleep.
    I have a white flowering daphne which has the usual delightful scent with a hint of lemon as well.
    Love to all
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I know you can, I know you can (said like that Little Engine That Could)


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