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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Valentino white macramé top - from the new April Vogue - ya huh ! the Kimye issue :-) $3256.00

I was recently interviewed for the upcoming catalogue & marketing materials for my brand new, soon to be spilled here with plus de details, large fabulous home decor & gift collection with a very fantastic artist focused partner/company. I was sent a list of 20+ simply wonderful questions one of which was "what inspires you ?"

Honestly, most days I feel like ... sigh, What doesn't inspire me ? it seems way too many things - like so many other artist // illustrators // designers (can't really decide which of those hats I feel most comfortable wearing) I can unequivocally say I am never ever short of inspiration - in fact I often feel a bit smothered by the possibilities, overwhelmed with choices of potential directions. It is the reason why client/customer based work seems* most satisfying. Oh my, a creative brief s'il vous plait ? parameters please - just tell me what you like & what to do, 'cause seriously,  left to my own vast devices I will easily spin my wheels for days deciding which of the 457 potential inspirational creative directions I could/should rush off into. Sigh.

But ... this I know for sure. I am very (& constantly inspired by fashion) and specifically Vogue magazine. I have had a subscription to Vogue since I was a teenager (awhile ago ;-) This Valentino lace-like top/shift has been on my radar for months. I love it, I don't need to wear - thank goodness.

Friday I received the green light (let's begin) email for a new custom illustration project which is a (to be blunt) F*%@# in' game changer, a career maker, one of those projects (of course sadly top secret for now) so freakin' challenging and exciting and potentially put-you-on-the-map of creative goodness - that you cannot, would not, ever dream of saying NO to - and at the same time you are completely freaking out on the inside, hyperventilating - it's based on my coffee stained botanical collage work (my favourite & totally self directed) and/but the final piece will be billboard size. 12' x 5' - Eek ! yikes ! etc. I know I can do it ! and I am thinking at the very same time - omg !! I could so fail at this.

But I won't fail, I refuse to fail, I will do my utmost darn'dest to freakin' kick some ass ! stay tuned ;-)

I can't tell you how much i LOVE this Valentino blouse - LOVE, love, l-o-v-e -thank you Vogue and for the Kimye "haters" record  - I loved the Kim & Kanye cover and feature article - lighten up haters.

* customer/client art directed work definitely seems way easier, more welcome - ahhh  I think, please just tell me what to do.?!? but I do know for sure that the work I've done in the last few years that is most definitely my strongest, and the work I am the most proud of is -always self directed - Boo ! Hiss ! burst my bubble why don't ya Madam Universe ;-)


  1. we are SO F#*%in' excited for you! Woof ~moose

  2. 12' x 5' of Susan goodness, oh my! Congratulations.

  3. Yahoo! Very exciting, m'dear!

  4. I am so excited for you dear Susan, congratulations.

    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Susan, I cannot get past the price of that blouse.

    When you are famous, promise you won't fergit us !!!

  6. Ooooooohhhh....... exciting! Can't wait for the next instalment!


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