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Sunday, April 13, 2014

oh my goodness ! enlarge any image to mural size at from the May issue of Canadian House & Home

stop acting so small.
you are the Universe in ecstatic motion.

my pal Rumi 

Another on my growing list of rewards, rituals, rest & relaxation is to blog more consistently, maybe even daily once again.

11:00 am and I'm off to a rip snorting' start to my Sunday. Made a 12 egg, tons of saut├ęd veggies and cheese frittata (wedges for my breakfast this week), did 2 loads of laundry & hung them out, had an early morning walk by the ocean with my Sweet Pea Bee (love her ;-), then off to breakfast at the Inn with 2 dear friends I don't see often enough. Carol & Deb, dog walking friends from long, long ago & my glorious 3 dog life. The breakfast was perfect, the company lovely and we made plans to make it a monthly ritual. Now I'm back home at the TTD* Oliver & Winnie Dixon both settled in their respective beds at Creative Empire HeadQuarters - Missy D was especially thrilled to have me back home again. And I'm beginning the critical path planning phase of my new big (12' x 5"), thrilling, top secret project. I've crawled up and out of that frightening creative block abyss I'd fallen into (upon realizing fully the challenge of this new fabulous project), thank goodness and I'm just entering the creative brilliance phase. Phew !! Rock On Me ;-)

Today I'll be drawing and painting lots of new patterns - much like these new additions to my portfolio blog

Happy, happy Sunday ! How 'bout a little dancing' ? How about some M.C. Hammer ? ya huh !! from la mojo mix


  1. There are days I just want to SHAKE you girl ! You are an amazing talented person and that doesn't change from day to day. What changes is your perception of yourself.

    Glad you found your mojo. Next time just remember where you put it ...

    Don't make me come up there and SHAKE YOU ! ;-)

    In breathless anticipation of the BIG REVEAL ...

  2. So pleased you had a good Sunday and have caught up with some good friends.
    Great photos on the links, sweet Bee, your art and the three beautiful dogs.
    The mural looks awesome.
    Happy week dear Susan!
    xoxoxo ♡


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