the last of winter part 1

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

scenes from a long wintry walk Monday with my beloved Canon G12 - I so love this muted colour palette

And today it's sunny, springlike, with a blue, blue sky
lots of melting & dripping
the birds are back, the grackles, the song sparrows
& the red winged blackbirds
they're all busy building nests
it's mucky everywhere
the ice is almost gone from the harbour
& the sun doesn't set until 8pm

the last of winter has finally arrived.

I have so much on my plate (it's all good stuff)* at the moment I am paralyzed and trying desperately to take a few deep breaths make a big freakin' list and try to prioritize and schedule myself. + this sweet thing, my best friend Bee is in town for 10 days whole days so we'll have to do lots of walking' & a talkin', paintin' & drawn', exploring the crescent beach and visits to the library & just messin' around together. I love her !!

I am wondering, realizing I guess, finally that a plate, my plate can only hold so much at one time - I've been trying to hold too much on too many plates, none of which have my name on them - not in the "take care of Susan" sense - something has got to give. I have to make choices & priorities, not something I'm naturally good at. And something I've forever filed under dreaded & daunting ;-(

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  1. The images are beautiful in their soft muted colours, your Winter seems to have lasted a long time.
    Enjoy your time with your best friend Bee.
    love to all
    xoxoxo ♡


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