DS Sunday No.4

Sunday, April 26, 2009

build a better burger

The theme for this week's Dim Sum Sunday over at the Karmic Kitchen is Burgers

From the bottom up
new great idea the thin bun buttered & toasted
slather of Dijon mustard
homemade sweet fruit chili relish
Vidalia onion slices
sliced of fresh tomato
dill pickle slices
grilled beef burger, salt, pepper, lea & perrins sauce and steak spice
smoked Gouda cheese
bacon strips
sauteed mushrooms

ya know I'm just not that much of a burger girl anymore ... it looks so much better than it tastes ... I shoulda made a veggie burger. sigh.

Back to Missy D's bedside for some pm nursing. She's happy, she's sweet as can be, she's eating (burgers and hot dogs and flat orange pop - kidding - about the flat orange pop) but she still won't put any weight at all on that foot. That darn foot/leg/hip ??? She's had an epsom salt foot bath and Mama is thinkin' of having and Ativan & ginger cocktail. I am so tres neurotic when it comes to les Gang. Fingers crossed and prayers are said.


  1. What an awesome burger. I'm with you though, give me a hotdog.

    Sorry to hear about Miss Winnie. Mystery ailments are the worst. What always happens to me is that the ailment disappears when we go to the vet. Dogs love when humans look like idiots.

    Glad to hear Winnie enjoyed the burger.

  2. yup...it does look pretty yummy...but, funny how they don't always taste like they seem they should.

    maybe Win will better in the morning... sometimes just a rest day is good enough to do it....

  3. Oh my, hope it is not the dreaded ACL
    Keep us updated.
    Tail Wags to All.

  4. Hey, if you're not going to eat that...I'd happily trade you for a piece of pie. Just an idea!

    Hope that Miss Dixon's ok.

  5. good grief, I'm out of touch for a few days and I check in to read that Winnie is....injured? I'm sorry and hope that little dear starts feelin better soon. Hopefully you gave her a few bites of that amazing looking burger. I'm definitely a burger gal myself, though I never have one with the bun. Now that thin bun thing looks interesting.

    Thanks for checking up on me. I'm fine. Just been out of touch for a few days and preoccupied a few others. Doin a lot of thinking and planning.

  6. That looks amazing! I'm not a huge burger fan either, but if it has bacon on it, I'm in!! Happy DSS!

  7. Delicious!You are quite the hamburger queen! Sorry to hear Miss Winnie is not well Susan. Hope she is on the path to recovery and feeling much better under such tender hands.

  8. Looks great, love the idea of the chile relish!

  9. Nice burger. I've never tried smoked gouda, but it sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Belated DSS!


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