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Friday, April 24, 2009

Best Breed

A little longer & curlier fur, maybe a cowboy hat with a red bandanna and I
might wonder if it wasn't our boy Jake ridin' that bicycle, our Mr. Howdy Doody -
What's Ya
Doin' ? dog. Sigh.

Gorgeous paintings and drawings all from AimeƩ Sicuro - purchase prints at her etsy shop Weather Girl and she too, has a blog.

An open heart sets sail

An open heart sets sail ... what a great title and such a beautiful image.
An open heart, ready & willing to set sail, destination - a new teeny, tiny life.
Hotel room sized - s'il vous plait & merci.

It's Friday which means absolutely nothing special - to us. Sunday, Friday, Tuesday they're all kinda the same. However a tres bright spot on the near horizon - we are in for several days of freakishly warm weather avec sunshine and boy do we deserve it. I heard last night the temperature will rise to +30 in parts not far from here by Sunday - that's summer weather. So I'm gearin' up for a weekend of raking, and wheeling, and dragging and poking and prodding and general cleaning up outside in our vast queendom ... some basking in bright sunshine, some lolling in warm breezes, a glass or several of ice tea with lemon wedges and I'm hopin' several long walks, way out, along sandbars at lowest tide with my girl Miss D.

Happy weekend to all.

Welcome spring

Two sided truth


  1. Can you believe it! Summer weather. We are all very excited:) I too plan on some garden time.

  2. Have fun Susan! All that yard work will really make you feel good, I know it does me! Hugs to all the les gang!

  3. Sounds like you and Miss D have a lovely weekend coming up. Enjoy it!
    I especially like the last picture. It looks like Spring. I love flowers in hair (it appeals to the "flower child" in me, I guess).
    I still remember in the movie "Camelot" when Vanessa Redgrave had them in her hair when they were celebrating May Day.

  4. The illustrations are really sweet. I can understand how much the first one grabbed your attention - whimsical and delightful.

  5. Thank you so much Susan! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. ooooh....lucky you. We have sun today and it is melting yesterday's snow...but, looking forward to a week of temps. haning around the zero mark. More rain and wet snow over the next few days.....
    Perfect for staying in and playing dolls. I am struggling with trying to get the right size head for my next project...

    off I go to scrub a few toilets, toss in a load of laundry, vacuum up some fluff...figure out what's for supper... and, hopefully, then.....needle sculpt a nose on the 6th "trial head"......... and, this time leave enough fabric to cover the side seams when I glue it down....argghhhh......

  7. Don't you love it that the dog in the picture has training wheels on his bike!? Adorable.

    It's warmer, and much sunnier, here as well. All windows open, all hearts in tune!

  8. Oh my! My human mom wants to get me the doggie on the bike with trainers!!
    Where does she find that?
    Tail Wags to All.
    PS...nope no girlfriend, just LOTS & LOTS of doggie friends I play ball with


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