Saturday, April 11, 2009

our walk last night along the harbour's edge

Seagulls and songbirds, coffee and bubbles, a snoring Miss D in her bed under the teak topped desk, a nest full of kittens and another day beginning. Another day of things that must be done. And of course, my choices are endless.

Yesterday after a few hours drawing thumbnails for a new project with customer No Uno I went out into the yet to erupt jungle (yard and garden) for the first time this spring. Thick leather gloves donned, squeaky wheeled wheelbarrow rolled around to the front and rake and rusty, dull pruning saw in hand and I raked and hacked and sawed (pruned) one little corner of the front garden, around our front door. I hard pruned (once I get started look out) two shrubs and cleared away debris left from the fall and winter so that all the tulips and daffodils can erupt, easily, and in all there glory. But oh how I wish for a silent chainsaw and a handy man to run it and oh how I wish for a miniature bulldozer and maybe a tiller too. It's a total shame for perfectionist girl (me) to live in a home and to stroll about in a garden that it is totally impossible for me to perfect - you might as well put bamboo shoots or rose thorns under my nails. I just feel defeated, frustrated - followed by shame. Always the shame at my inability to deal with it. To even remotely keep up with the Jones, the Conrads and the Smiths. I should wear blinders when I'm out (there) and about so that I might only gaze upon the one tiny area that I'm working on - for if I stand up and let my eyes wonder far and wide and all around this huge and overgrown yard it just makes me want to lie down in the piles of newly raked leaves and hope that someday my prince (with a big pick up truck laden with equipment and the expertise to use them) will pull into our driveway. Sigh.

The ultimate con on the pro/con sell this house list - this gigantic yard and garden.

9:15 update Miss D and I were out early in the 97' teal Escort wagon doing a few errands around this little village. I ran into BFF Harry in the produce section of the grocery store and he informed me that we're in for a snowfall warning tomorrow - 15-20cms - Sigh. Will it never end ? I'm off now to pitch 10 wheelbarrows full of firewood in (that should keep us going through this latest cold snap). Actually I don't really care at all about stormy weather. A snowy, messy Sunday translates to me into a cozy, curled up by the fire with a pot of tea, trying to finish my latest book Sunday. And ya know ... I do so love a Sunday.


  1. Susan, you should fill up your tub with some of those lovely scented bubbles and relax. Don't worry about the Jones, Conrads and Smiths. I'll bet they are not being anywhere near as productive as you are when you are at the teak topped desk.
    In the meantime, I will try to wish you up a handy man with a chainsaw and tiller.

  2. Susan......just remember before wishing, that the man with the chainsaw and tiller, will only saw and till occasionally! HA!
    Who cares about the Jones's, I'm with Judy, give me creativity anyday!

  3. I laughed when I read your last wee bit of this post:) I wrote the same plan also.

  4. Your pasta primavera was a HUGE hit at the manor last night!! Wow, it was scrum-dilly!!! Thank you!

  5. Too right! A creative craze can be much better than a rigid bush! Mayhaps you'll be struck with gardening brilliance tomorrow, whilst you sip and snuggle, who knows?

  6. Edward and I are wishing you and yours a most Happy Easter curled up by the fire with your excellent book!! Do make sure you have a chocolate bunny, or two, at the ready!

  7. Looks so peaceful. Tranquil. Thanks.

  8. "A snowy, messy Sunday translates to me into a cozy, curled up by the fire with a pot of tea"

    --Ahhh, blissful adn with a good book too. Columbine's 10 year anniversary comes up on the 20th and I see their a is a fictional movie coming out about a school shooting much lie ours here which looks relaly good. I've been reading about the damaged lives of some survivors and how some are STILL very much dealing. So sad.


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