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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Winnie Dixon on the beach yesterday afternoon

Wide open spaces, blue sky and sunshine, not yet green pastures, red clay cliffs, sandbars and basking seals, perfect conversation and an hour long hike with my girl Missy D, a good friend (Sue of the POG*) and her little bulldog Miss Molly.

More cures.

I walked up to the post office early yesterday morning to mail a card and Sue and I had a lovely visit and chat - our little post office is very quiet at that time of day. We made a new plan while I was there to walk every noon that the weather is good, on her lunch hour at this gorgeous place - her family's property and farmland. These are photos from our first walk. Sigh

The mild weather has finally arrived. It's grey, tres windy and raining lightly this early morning. I'm plugging away at la list. Have been spending lots of time this week working on rustling up a few new customers and dreaming and scheming ways to grow & build that darn CE**. The forecast for the end of this week and weekend is for Summer - suddenly. +22 temperatures Wow ! With that in mind I must work diligently the next three days so that I'll be free to spend the weekend hacking away at our big jungle and dragging downed tree limbs around the yard.
Can't wait.

I'm realizing that the colours of our landscapes do look terribly dull and muted. That's just what spring looks like here and Hey ! I forgot Happy Earth Day !

POG* Post Office Girls
CE** Creative Empire


  1. Looks like another lovely spot. There is nothing like some fresh air, sunny skies and a good walk.

  2. Susan...I heard a big crack in that isolation wall! I think the noon walk with Sue and Miss WD is a les perfect way to " come out" of your Winter cocoon! Thanks for your visit!

  3. Susan, this may sound a silly question, but you have such interesting coloured clay/soils/sand there! Do potters or sculptors use this to advantage? What sort of art is "indigenous" to the area?I am intrigued.

  4. Friends are such a blessing. And those daily walks are so good for the spirit and the psyche as well.
    You ARE making progress on EVERY front, Susan. Love that sweet girl in the mirror...she needs your

    Prayers for you continue!


  5. your photo's are lovely....spring is here today as well- you've inspired me to go for a long walk. thank you!

  6. today we will have a high of +21C... wind gusty...30kph....and it will blow in....wait for it.........................................................................................a plummeting temps. and snow!! then...a week of -9C at nights....

    oh, yippee.....

  7. That's the ticket. Good company, lovely surroundings, exercise, fresh air, and a plan, just what was needed, I think!

    If you weren't just a teeny bit too far away, I'd volunteer to help with the jungle hacking - my allotment has given me loads of practice this year!

  8. My friend, beautiful pictures. Leaving you a quote:

    "I really think it's important to be in a situation, both in art and in life, where you don't understand what is going on." ~John Cage


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