Monday, April 27, 2009

my girl Winnie Dixon

Winnies' no better this morning and the more I hunt and research online the more I am beginning to think that it is a left hind ACL injury - a torn or ruptured ligament at the knee. The ligament that attaches the shin bone to the thigh bone. An injury that's very common in dogs (and football players) and one she's already been through on her other hind leg (4 or 5 years ago). The first torn cruciate ligament has healed wonderfully over time (without surgery), no limping or affected gait and the only lasting sign she has today is a thick (calcification) knee cap and an increased likelihood of arthritis in her right back leg.

I've found out (through my research) that it's very common for dogs who've torn the ligament on one side to eventually tear the other side. It is an injury that does happen suddenly and the most telling sign is that the dog will not bear any weight on that foot. The knee has become wobbly and unstable and the dog is not necessarily in much pain, or any pain at all but as you can imagine it doesn't feel right to place weight on a wobbly knee.

Sigh. I had maybe two hours sleep last night and that was with the help of a 2am Ativan (a drug that definitely helps you to fall sleep) only to wake three hours later to the sputtering of my timer set coffee machine feeling as if I'd been asleep for 10 mins. It's a drug that relaxes you but it drastically condenses time - in my experience. I had a million things I needed to do yesterday and I didn't do a one. I'm feeling a little less freaked out about Miss D's injury but times like this I feel as if my emotional life hangs precariously by the thinnest of threads ... and it wouldn't take much to finally snap that thread. As if I can't handle one more thing. My coping vessel is already filled to the brim.

I'm off to the lands of bubbles and scent. Lavender & orange. I've blocked the landing to the stairs to the second floor with chairs because if not Missy D will try to climb them - she really likes to hang near her Mama. She's curled up comfy on the sofa and I must try today to make up time for yesterday's failings. I'll call the vet's office past 9am.

What I'd really like to do is to go outside and lie down in the grass with my girl, stare up at the blue sky and completely forget about the world.

The first big ship of the season is gliding by my studio window on a harbour of glass. The humming of the engine and the familiar clanging as they drop anchor.

update We have an appointment (Miss D and I) this afternoon 2:15 with our favourite vet Diane in the nearest next town a 40 min drive away. Fingers crossed.


  1. Poor Winnie. Poor you, stress and no sleep:( I am sure tonight will be better. A visit to the vet,Winnie on the road to recovery and another lovely sunny day:)

  2. So sorry to hear about Miss Winnie D. Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hope all heals up on its own...and soon!

  3. Poor Winnie Dixon. I hope she is healed and feeling better in short order! Hugs to the both of you.

  4. Good luck today- I'll be thinking of you both.

  5. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Sending lots of healing thoughts from the Pack. Sarah Dog adds, "Hold out for more hamburger" and she would know.

  6. hugs to you and Win.....try not to overthink it all ...just go to the vet and get the straight goods.....

    fingers and toes crossed out her in the stupid frozen west....snowed again yesterday......more cool and snow flurries most of the week. I hear New York has a heat wave... 90 F. ... !! not fair......

  7. I am so sorry, it is honestly the worst to see our beloved animals hurt. I hope the vet makes her feel better and wishing her a speedy recovery. Be gentle with yourself Susan. This will pass, you will be alright.

  8. Waiting for news...... hope it's positive. Lovely pictures of Winnie - but doesn't she look like she needs a bit more burger? Vegetarian wouldn't hit the spot.

  9. Lots of pats and affection for Winnie D.

  10. Tail wags Winnie... I hope my doggie diagnosis is wrong! Keep us updated.
    Licks Always,

  11. Hi... just a quick note. Winnie does have a torn ACL and they're not recommending surgery which is a good thing. I'll update you all in more detail in the morning Mama and Missy D are pooped. Thanks for all the love & pats,
    xo S & WD

  12. Oh Miss Winnie D..I am so very sorry you are hurt, but I am praying for your rapid recovery. My brood of 10 all send their most loving tail wags and "woofs" in your direction! May the angels lift and guide your every step toward a leg as good a new!

    Much love & kisses!


  13. I shall be thinking of you both all night. And saying my prayers for the sweet girl and her worried mom.

  14. I'm so sorry! I understand how stressful it is when you dear furry friends are hurt. I hope everything goes well at the vet, and that you will both have a restful night tonight.


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