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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oliver and the Forsythia

Sunshine, warm temperatures, no wind, the first lobster boats of the season float on a harbour as still as glass, big plans (always), Home Hardware, dirt, seeds, pots and more pots, trellises and peony cages constructed from branches, Bleet (my out in the garden companion and helper), CBC radio, ice tea with lemon and an old white wicker chair perched on our porch. Lulu's chair. Saturday ... Sunday.


  1. Is that love I see in his eyes, in the third photo? Lovely series of photos...

  2. Oh, and I just noticed, the similarity in his gaze and in Miss Dixon's in the sidebar photo. Very sweet.

  3. Beautiful soft colours,well captured, with such a delightful subject! Nova Scotia featured on Billy Connolly's travels tonight on televison. Just wonderful.

  4. Oh Susan! I just love these little vignettes that are your life! Oliver is the most charming sweet boy! I know you guys are really cold there this morning, but if I were nearby, I would come and work in the yard with you all day and share some iced tea and the scent of forsythia on the air. And I would just HAVE to take time out to give Oliver's ears a little scratch!
    Lovely post!


  5. hahah....little Oliver is pretending indoors is the outdoors..... so sweet, he is....

  6. loving these sweet photos of oliver! i missed your blog while i was on vacation. so glad to be back and in the loop again!!


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