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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hard frost

Well I'm sitting here alone tonight and I'm thinking about you.
Wondering if it's wrong or right to be dreaming about you oh.
You took my heart, you took my heart from me.
You took my heart, you took my heart from me.

Chris Isaak - You Took My Heart

A recent itunes download to my big, beautiful imac. Randy Travis - Hard Rock Bottom of your Heart - just a tiny bit country and I have the tunes cranked here this early morning - 6:01, bubbles a pourin', Les Girls - Piper Belle and Missy D have both just come in from their adventures outside in darkness - in our freshly bushwhacked gigantic fenced in dog yard. The weather has been, and continues to be, freakishly mild & perfect, windows wide open warm. We do have hard frost many mornings but as soon as the sun is up the frost is gone and the balmy temperature prevail. Love it ! And I have a ton of fantastic, thrilling and seemingly endless work lined up here at the teak topped desk plus I am madly in love with the most wonderful man I could ever have conjured up.

Hey Madam Universe ! here's my list of 89 essential qualities required for my big love, best cohort, and/or partner in crime (simple things like No Hunters please and no driving like a freakin' maniac). She calls back almost immediately to tell me she's completely out of 89's but she just happens to have a gently used 4,289+ (essential compatibilities and loving qualities) plus he has a tall silver moustache, is totally crazy about dogs and has a PhD (remember in this gal's world really, really smart is the new handsome). Shut Up !!! and Where do I sign?

Now I joke and kid about this new big love of mine, of ours and I joke because I don't know how else to explain it. It is so breathtakingly meant-to-be it stuns me ... in the sweetest way.

Now the B. Shamu alluded (and not at all subtly) yesterday in a comment that les Petite golden coyote, otherwise known as PB or Sunny Bunny has received a bit of a short shift (seeing as she is the other new big thing around here at 29 Black Street) and yes! Uh Huh !! Guilty as charged but ... in my defense I will tell you that she and Missy D have formed a new and tres tight dog club and they leave me out of their stuff much of the time. I've pretty much been relegated to door opener - open to their fantastic gigantic fenced in dog yard. And when the beautiful brown hound Bess makes it a pack of three - well the cowboy and I seem to become invisible. I haven't seen Miss D this happy since her days hangin' with the big red hero dog. And PB's nick name is Sunny Bunny - need I say more.

Piper Belle - Hey Missy D let's go out in the yard and work a bit on the big dig

Missy D - Hey PB I hear some people coming down the street walking their dogs. Hey !! Lets go out in the yard and stand by the gate and bark our faces off. Hey !! Whatta ya think ?

Piper Belle - Missy D !! Alert !!! I hear the propane guys trying to deliver a new tank - You cover the front door I'll go upstairs to the sunny hallway look out chair. Let's see if we can't scare those bastards !! OK ?? sounds like fun.

Off I go to enjoy my second cup of coffee ... and with a little archived love.


  1. "I am in love with the most wonderful man I could have ever conjured up"...I love what you wrote there. So happy for you and also Missy D and her new friends.

  2. What is this subtly of which you speak?

    Atta girl Piper, Winnie is a great girl to hang out with and you are just the pup to make her life even better. Although frankly between you and me, Miss Winnie's life before PB was pretty sweet. Your new mom ROCKS. Now with the brown pup and you, it's quite the tribe of far north hounds.

  3. Happy almost Turkey Day to you! Gorgeous pictures as usual
    Benny & Lily

  4. Archived love --- oh, that is so incredibly endearing. Love that. Hmmm...will have to remember that for one future day! Sweet.


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