I got you

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got you to hold my hand
I got you to understand
I got you to walk with me
I got you to talk with me
I got you to kiss goodnight
I got you to hold me tight
I got you, I won't let go
I got you to love me so

Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe

from the cowboy's soundtrack for this big love

I know, I know .... I'm crazy, crazed. What am I doing posting photos of my freckled face tangled up with that beautiful tall moustache ? All I can say, in my defense is ... Hey ! I'm a visual person. I love photography, as you all know, and these photos ... today. Well, oh my ... they say it all don't they ?
I spoke with him last night, twice. I lay curled up and burrowed deep in the nest of down and flannel with the cordless phone sleeping soundly beside me because I knew that he'd call. He called from a gas station at the side of the road, from the lands of rugged rocky coasts, endless Boreal forest and lakes like oceans wide and the brown velvet hound is missing her sisters.
Oh and Hey ! Stay tuned tomorrow for the introduction of M&S - need help with your blog ? Larger photos ? a new banner perhaps ? you've just switched from a PC to a Mac and the transition is getting on your last frayed nerve ? need a spot illustration ? a logo ? some hand drawn type maybe ? Michael, my best loved nephew and computer/designer savant, and I are starting a little side business - Realize the blog you've always dreamed of and help a struggling student pay for university at the same time. Super affordable and amazing results - guaranteed !


  1. I think those are two of the cutest photos I have ever seen. :) xox Pam

  2. You two are the sweetest lookin'!

  3. Your little noses just fit! No side face kissing needed. A perfect fit like a puzzle...two peas in a pod. I am so lovin' this!!!

  4. Made for each other - it shows!

  5. Susan, you are just full of happy surprises! Love the photos of you and the cowboy. Also, looking forward to the computer assistance... what a great idea!

  6. Of course we all knew he'd ring almost immediately....

    The Boreal Forest? I watched a documentary about the very same about 3 weeks ago, and it was heart-stoppingly beautiful. (Heart-stoppingly is a term I use frequently as i learn more and more about Canada)

    Would the beloved nephew-computer whiz travel? To England?

  7. You broke out the freakin' Sonny and Cher songs? Good thing you
    Canucks have excellent health care because you are out of your MIND! (let's see if she starts dressing like Cher and posting THOSE pictures - SNORT)

  8. Shamy - he (the cowboy) is a bit older than I - "he" busted out the Sonny & Cher and who am I to deny him his musical history ?? I've pinned a towel to my head and am flipping my pretend long dark locks as I sing. Ahhh got you Babe !! (and Babe ?!? - a term I formerly detested with avengence WTF ?) Winking.

  9. I come to your blog often even when I don't post. Today I am filled with joy at seeing yours. LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Where's the secret hidden camera when you need it.

  11. I see LOTS of action while I have been gone!
    Tail Wags to All.

  12. Boy.... that Michael will have jet lag ... he'll be here...there...... and even in the U.K. ..... I'll be looking for his price list......

    great shots of you two..... and...hahaha of course he called.... sure we live in the great white north (although it's thankfully not too white at the moment)... but, we do have some technology dotting the wild and untamed landscape... like phone booths in the middle of nowhere ...and we know darn well he is resourceful ....

  13. oh...and..... I also have to tell you...I did figure out ONE of my problems...... I need to turn off or quit Safari in order for it to upload the latest photos... otherwise, it doesn't update the list... it stays the same as the last time I clicked on "quit" and closed it. Silly thing...I liked the PC better for that.... at least it didn't need prompting ... sigh....I wonder if Mozilla would be a better choice... I could always upload that too ...

  14. GREAT PHOTO and so happy for you two! I am interested in M&S....you go girl! You are amazing!

  15. Enjoy the crazed stuff. Love the image of you sleepin' next to the phone. So sweet. Y'all look like sheer bliss.

  16. OMGoodness, I feel like I have to tune in for the next episode of as the world turns in nova Scotia! :) Wonderful.


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