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Monday, November 2, 2009

Susan with pole beans and red sneakers - 9 years old

Fate loves the fearless

James Russell Lowell

We all have our childhoods living inside us. I've been feeling like this little girl right now in many ways although I am trying with all my might to be the grown up woman that I know I am. It feels like M. Universe is shaking me.

Don't be afraid,
Have courage
Speak your truth
Trust in love

Repeat daily as needed

I have my nephew Michael to thank for reminding me of this favourite photo from my past. It's taken on a sunny carefree summer day in front of my adored grandmother Flo's gigantic vegetable garden. An amazing woman who I love with all my heart and will miss forever.

Michael's begun working on a web site design for 29 Black Street so that I can put everything, all my stuff, in one spot - blog, portfolio, bio, etsy shop - my own web site is a much overdue thing. He's very talented and also very loved by me.

Been to Thailand ? Now's your chance. That girls' on the other side of the world and she's blogging up a storm @ 163 degrees.


  1. So exciting about your web site; I can only dream about something so high tech.
    I visited your friend's blog in Thailand... what a joy! Beautiful photos of a place that has always fascinated me.

  2. Those red sneakers are telling me, "There's no place like home!"
    You are that little girl... And so much more. :)

  3. Hey ! chez caesar - I did not know that song and I love it ! Just downloaded it from itunes and will add it to my - repeat daily as necessary routine. Wink. Merci !!

  4. Gosh, I love this pic! That smile and those red tennies are priceless.

  5. sweet post and so true! some days i feel the insecurities of the little girl in me as well. other days i want to go back to that time of simplicity and innocence and carefree play.

  6. Those are the most world conquering shoes if I ever seen. How cute were you (and I'm sure still are) and utterly dwarfed you are by Grandma Flo's bean plants. My mouth just starts watering thinking about what she did once those beans were ready for picking.
    Can't wait to see the website. It will be beautiful I'm sure.

    Happy Monday

  7. What a wonderful photo Susan.It obviously holds the most precious of memories for you, and I can see why.As with your Grandma Flo, mine meant a lot to me also.Bless 'em, those sanity-saving and loving grans.At the time, they probably underestimated how important they were.The postings from Thailand are interesting and fun.Can't believe it is now thirty years since I visited there!I'm looking forward to your website.

  8. Way too cute!! I actually still like wearing red sneakers. Looking forward to the website. Mom says to let your dear cousin know her treasures have headed out by snail mail ...bound for Canada.
    Tail Wags to All.

  9. Love those shoes and that adorable little girl...who grew up to be the MOST AMAZING WOMAN!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. How exciting to have a new blog home soon! I have missed your blog - for some reason it was not showing up on my blog reader, but I have re-added it and now seem to back getting the posts!

    As an interesting aside I went to the James Russell Lowell Elementary School!

  11. Can;t wait to see that site when it comes about. So glad you ahve some good family there.

  12. Interesting you got that "trust in love" even back here, before all that was to transpire.


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