too good

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ghostly queen anne's lace

oh the pirate gets the ship
and the girl tonight
breaks a bottle to christen her
basking in the exploits of her thief
she's a very good listener
maybe that's all that we need
is to meet in the middle of impossibility
we're standing at opposite poles
equal partners in a mystery

Indigo Girls - Mystery

How can it be November ? I find every year the months between September and December race along at such a speed I never seem to catch my breath. Add to that "things a hoppin" here at the cat covered TTD* and the days just keep zooming by me - the space of time between coffee in bed in the morning and tucking in at night with my adored moist heating pad feels like a blink. Days so chock full, of good, goodness & then more good. I've lost my breath. In fact I asked someone the other day Do you think it's possible to feel too good ? I guess I meant it as rhetorical question, or even just an awe struck ponder.

*TTD - teak topped desk

I've been creating mixed play lists in itunes to listen to at my lovely big imac which has fantastic speakers. A favourite old song by Everything But the Girl


  1. there's always room to feel "more gooder"

    love the photo's
    and that Indigo Girls that :)


  2. Just ride the wave, Susan! Woo hoo!!! I'm so glad things are good for you, and I hope that it lasts for a long, looooong time. xo Pam

  3. You can feel gooder and gooder and gooder!

  4. Good, gooder, goodest and beyond!
    How wonderful that you are feeling so fine. Flow with it.

    That first picture is stunning!

  5. Amy, Emily. Big chunk of the soundtrack of my life.

    May the "Gooder Fairy" keep bonking you on the head.

  6. Love the songs and the pictures
    Benny & Lily

  7. It's Piper!! She has brought "too goodness" into the house! I just know it.

  8. This is delightful and gorgeous!

  9. "...days so chockful of good".Long may they continue.I am so happy for you!x

  10. Hey! YOU! Yeah YOU!!! More goodness will arrive in your mailbox if you go check your email and claim your MakingSpace raffle prize! Ya gotta have chocolate if yer feelin' this good, matey.

  11. we just got a big iMac.... the damn thing is huge...27 inches.... like watching tv on my desk....and I am trying to figure it out..... may have to go to Mac school...they have it every Saturday at the Mac store where we bought it. I hate school!

  12. Susan, my I showed my husband your photos of the Queen Anne's Lace and he said: I want that camera. What kind is it please? The photos are divine.

    Also, Bumblevee, you can do mac tutorials at home on the apple site. I suggest you do that first before you go to your lessons so you don't get frustrated. Also, one to one lessons are only $100 for the entire year and you can go once a week but they won't teach you from scratch but help you define your learning. Good luck, I love my Mac and just created my website on it!

    Ok going to get your punkin' recipe Susan, just bought a little one to make it for tonight! Thanks so much!

  13. This first pic is just over the top!!!

  14. more gooder--hee. I don;t think i know that feeling very well.


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