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Thursday, November 19, 2009

cover collage illustration for HOW magazine avec dummied in (by me) cover lines

Disappointments are to the soul
what the thunder storm is to the air

Friedrich von Schiller

Do you remember this big good announcement awhile back - not only had I been chosen to be featured in an article on hand lettering in this big design magazine but ... Hello ! I was asked to illustrate the cover of the big (most important) double sized, design annual, issue. An assignment that thrilled me right off of my desk chair.

Bad news has arrived. They've changed their minds, they are not using my cover illustration although they are paying me (shut up ! I get paid for this ??) in full and have assured me that they believe my illustration to be beautiful but the focus of that issue has changed and my whack-a-doo collage (I know it is a bit kooky and wild - but my art direction was to please make it tres rich and full O' texture) is no longer appropriate. Here's the thing ... I love my cover. I feel more than happy with how it turned out - I actually think it's the strongest and best piece I've done to date. Yes, it would have been fantastic exposure for my Creative Empire to have this cover - a creative coup no question. I was fantasizing of collage typography assignments winging their way to the TTD from all corners of this world. Hey this girl can dream can't she - and BIG. But ... que sera, sera. How much goodness can one designer gal stand ??

I'm thinkin' ... I'm just gonna Rock On ! here at the Teak Topped Desk.

You didn't think I'd go a day without mentioning Mr. Has Changed my Life Forever did you ? Sigh. He makes me feel so completely & wonderfully loved I cannot really believe it. I'm living life in a Love's Savage Fury novel - lucky me. Counting the days until his return.

ps - petite delay with M&S - the new design company, although I did speak at great length last evening with my partner in crime - the much loved nephew and computer (especially mac) savant Mike. We're working on our logo, identity and setting up a gmail account so that any query's you may have re- blogs, photos, banners, illustration etc ... can be directed there and we can reply tout suite with a time frame and a price. And please remember all monies go toward building this young man's brilliant future. Wink.

questions ??? la M&S email


  1. Fabulous cover! A lot of work went into it:) Wonderful that you got paid and now you have it as a terrific example of what you do.

    Loved the pics of you and the professor.....

  2. I love your cover. I am trying to work on collage, and it inspires me. I love how all the elements go in there, that's the kind of thing I'm working on, and it's so difficult to decide where everything goes, what to put in, what to leave out, etc. I am just using pictures and words that I find here and there; you put so much work into creating the lettering and the pictures yourself. I think it's amazing; it obviously took a lot of time, and I am glad you are getting paid for it.
    Also, so happy for you and the cowboy, not to mention the romping, smiling dog companions.

  3. Too bad they didn't use the cover. I think you did a great job on it.

  4. Fantastic cover indeed! They will no doubt use your services again, I am sure you already know that. Hope the professor + companion are enjoying the road trip too.
    Tail Wags to All.

  5. That's too bad for them because that cover would have made me pick up the magazine from the rack. Getting me to leaf through a magazine is 75% winning the battle of getting me to buy it. Looking at a google image search of their cover, it appears they like their "HOW" as the primary, stand out from 50 feet focus element. Still I think your's would have worked great.

  6. Aaaaah, what do they know? Your cover is FABULOUS! I love it. Well, at least they paid you. :) xox Pam

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! Yep, just keep rocking on, doing your thing. :)

  8. You did a beautiful job with the cover page, I love it! What were they thinking?
    I’m so excited for you, now that you have found your cowboy. Yee! Haa! Best wishes for a happy and loving future ahead.
    I love your blog. Take care.

  9. That's disappointing ....but the cover was lovely and they'll certainly remember you . Meanwhile , it's only fair that they paid you . Next time you'll be paid and published . Your work's beautiful .

  10. Congratulations on a fabulous cover. I am sure they hold your work in very high esteem. Next time! Wonderful to pop in and hear that things are buzzing along beautifully at Black Street while the road trip for your loved one continues. Wishing him a happy journey and safe return.

  11. Awesome cover! and paid....yes!
    Benny & Lily

  12. I love your cover!! Glad you get paid in full, and we get to see it here. Love and light...


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