boat house

Monday, November 16, 2009

the beautiful boat house

Dance if you want to and I'll sit and watch you
Show me the steps that you know
Jump high and swing low and dance all night

Drive if you want to and I'll sit beside you
When there's a road to choose from
We'll choose the right one and we'll drive all night

And play if you want to and I'll listen when you do
And when you sing a tune, I'll sing along with you
And we'll play all night

Rose Cousins - Dance if you want to

Track 14 CD No. 2


  1. Morning, Susan! What a lovely boat house. :) Seems a very romantic thing - like you two might just hop into a boat and sail away! :) Have a good week! xoxo from my furry crew - Pam

  2. The boat house is the coolest ever!!

  3. Nice photos! Is that where the sailboat is? You are so lucky... I have always wanted to learn to sail. Not much sailing here in Kentucky. Have a great week. Did the cowboy take the chocolate lab with him, or are you caring for her?

  4. Hi Judy ! Yes beautiful Bess, the brown hound is the cowboy's co-pilot & navigator on his very long road trip. He built this incredible house by himself for his much loved sailboat.

  5. Wait, he cooks, he cleans and HE BUILDS HOUSES?????

    (I think you should put him in some sort of witness protection program PRONTO)

  6. Agree with Shamu. LOL

    That boat house is a dream.

  7. I keep thinking what chickory commented on a few posts back. how true indeed. You could have moved. Your time to move wasn't to be or at least not now.


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