Sunday, September 4, 2011

the great & mighty hunter of small things (spiders, moths etc..) + most excellent studio assistant

It's beet season, oh boy !! I love beets cooked in a variety of manner - roasted whole in foil, steamed & topped with a little butter and apple cider vinegar, tiny beets sautéed with their tops still attached- yum. The gorgeous colour of the cooking water inspired me to try new collage drawing backgrounds stained with beet juice, they sit avec Mr. Mr. sit awaiting glue, paper & ink.


  1. beet juice whipped into a bit of frosting makes for a natural + beautiful blush without a 'beet' taste--you know for those special indulgent days....

  2. what a great idea Janice !! I remember making fresh pasta once and using beet juice to make the most vibrant magenta coloured fettucini.

  3. fun,fun,fun....looking forward to the end result of fabulous beet juice.
    Tail wags.

  4. i did some paintings for a show years ago with beet juice and coffee and gold leaf. they sold. i am going to try and find the images. Love that assistant!

  5. your pasta sounds delicious (and beautiful).

  6. I have used beet juice in my natural dye processes on fabric, but never thought to colour frosting or pasta with it! You learn something every day!


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