Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Winnie Dixon silhouetted by early morning sunshine on the crescent beach

please accept me
I'm doing the best I can


I'm learning to say this to myself more & more. These two lines I wish that I could wear as a badge over my heart for people I interact with to read. Oh, they'd remind themselves it's OK she's doing the best she can. I'm telling myself to imagine that others I meet are wearing the same badge ... that they also struggle at times through their own lives & are doing their best.

I had an ah ha moment this week when I really made the connection between anxiety (stress) and sadness. When I feel overwhelmed, intensely worried about something (imaginary or real) it's like a switch flips inside me and I feel sad. Down, depressed, lethargic & unfocused - the
kiss of death for how I really want to be. Because I feel sad I have made the mistake of believing that I actually am sad - when in fact I'm just stressed by something, someone, the week, the day, the moment. For some reason at some point in my life my mind, body, spirit got stuck in a groove of worry, fret, stress & anxiety automatically = sad, depressed & lets throw in a little self loathing for good measure. A stinky kettle of fish indeed. Understanding what I'm really feeling & redirecting those angsty feelings away from that normal well worn groove they so love to spin around in and into a new, much more healthy groove (being nice to myself) is a gigantic leap. Now when this feeling comes over me I know to try & address the stress - to alleviate it any way I can, to treat myself to an activity that I know makes me feel relaxed, to give myself lots of extra TLC & to ask those around me to be patient with me ... 'cause I'm doing the best I can.

is exhausting
is contentment


a weekend of product design, walks with dogs & friends, tea with books & lap cats & a movie

ps to Vicki H. - Bleet's apt. went very well - diagnosis throat or stomach infection. He's healthy, weighs 18lbs + was a bit of a big, black velvet chicelet hit at the vets. No sedation needed, they wrapped him & his talons up in a towel & he graciously decided not to bite them ;-)


  1. Good news about Bleet. :-) And, great news about your continual evolvement and progress. You're an inspiration to many with your honesty. Thank you.

  2. I love this - so much. So often I expect myself to be fully evolved especially when I feel most vulnerable. I love this concept. Very gracious to the self.

    More healing vibes to the kitty...

  3. Dear Susan, You bring so much joy to us every day, with beautiful, loving images, honesty about your feelings, which is recognized and inspiring, and your own dialect of the English language (TTD, Creative Empire, The Prince, Uh Huh, The Project Supervisor, the smattering of French, etc.). You have so many admirers.

  4. MS & John
    merci !!
    making me smile bigtime
    xo s

  5. Your post gave me such a sense of hope - so thanks! Also, I got inspired to make stock. LOL Nothing like a good batch of stock simmering on the stove to make life yummy.

  6. That sweet quote bought tears to my eyes. It would be so good, wouldn't it to know just how to treat people instantaneously by the little badges they wear.
    We could so quickly bypass "I'm so full of myself, so don't waste my time", or "I'm all that and more!" to get to know a few struggling sweet souls who very quietly are having a hard time of it emotionally, but battle on.
    I like what John said in his comment. Great isn't it - and he's hit the mark! Much love to you and the Gang Susan as you ease your way into Autumn in your part of the

  7. I would like to wear your badge - many of us probably would. I find I am more able to recognize those negative feelings for what they are and just let them pass rather than getting in there with them. I agree with 'John' about your lovely images and your honesty - thank you Nancy LeB

  8. Aww Susan! So sweet. This is exactly what I need sometimes when dealing with certain people in my life.


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